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By Scott Marshall Taylor

GENRE: Drama

A man survives the 9-11 collapse of the twin towers -walking away in a daze. A series of subsequent decisions lead him into a new life.


Mark Robert's survives the 9-11 collapse of the twin towers -walking away in a daze.

Following a crowd walking away from the blast - he finds himself next to salesman who reads a random real estate brochure stuck in his pocket, and offers him a ride to Connecticut.

Still searching himself for the memory of his own existence he sits at a bar with the salesman - who just rambles on and on while the horrid news of that day plays on background televisions.

Their waitress, Megan, brings them round after round meanwhile enduring the salesman's increasing unpleasantness. Mark tries without much success to stop the harassment. But, he isn't very effective, nor does he impress Megan.

Later, he finds himself unable to find lodging as any available lodging has already been taken by evacuees of the city.

He tries to find an empty model home in the housing development cited on the brochure in his pocket, and but that leads only to his having to hiding from excited neighborhood watch and being chased by police dogs.

Having nowhere else to go - he heads back to the bar. And finally to a seemingly abandon car nearby, where he hopes he can at least catch a few hours of sleep.

But, he is soon awaken by an angered Megan with gun in hand - who identifies herself as the owner of the car.

In order to keep her from calling the police (whom he fears would implicate him in a break in at the housing development) he offers to give her what he learns is much needed cash.

After some considerable negotiation and for still more cash - she will let him stay on her couch.

Over the next few days Mark learns more about the desperateness of Megan's situation. And about her absuive ex, and the daughter he won't let her see,. And her plan to make enough money that she can get her car fixed and escape with her daughter

Meanwhile his memory begins to come back and he treks back into the city, to not only see the ruins of the towers, but to find the bit's and pieces of his life, including a message on the answering machine from his wife's boyfriend, that tell him he has no life to go back to.

While it was not his immediate intention he suddenly finds himself caught up in Meg's plan.. and will almost as suddenly, as the towers fell, find himself putting a gun at her abuser.

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