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By Ken de Pooter

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: When Gaius Baltar appears to a woman to aid her in her research to get long distance shuttles in space, Caprica brings the human-like descendants of the Cylon Rebels to Earth after their home planet is destroyed by a mysterious civilization. After Earth is also destroyed, they all decide it would be best to work together with the original Cavil, who has created his own Cylon society on the old 12 colonies. But he doesn't seem to be too impressed by the dangers that face his unified nation, and is not keen on letting weak Humans enter his home.


Right before he got nuked, Cavil said "Frack", and put a bullet between his own eyes. But why exaclty? Here is a synopsis of the project. I added not only the first PDF I made some time ago, but also the link to my blogpost where the complete synopsis is finilized into 3 easier to read PDF pages. Cavil got what he wanted in time, and managed to download and save his ship despite the major setbacks. He creates his own civilisation on the 12 colonies, which is especially based on robotics and mechanical power. Race histories: The Cylon Rebels build up their own civilisation on a distant planet, growing ever towards a human existence in freedom, as shown to them by their Human liberators. They make sure earth is safe by placing defense droids around the planet. The Humans evolve as we did, and are just about to experiment with massive space travel when the story takes off. They will all be fighting an alternative to the ending in season 4, as Cavil managed to take over the Galactica and the remaining human vessels and enslaves them. After thousands of years, they start to gain some power on Cavil, who then promises them to give them a home of their own, called earth. His civilisation is especially cylon, but with everlasting Human presence. His people live in 6 huge planet-like baseships. The Story: Baltar visits a human woman, Miranda, starting to prepare her for what is to come. He helps an association that has a dream to travel into space, to create space ships. Before they can launch their first ship, the Cylon Rebels arrive at earth, with the message that their home has been destroyed. Stone is guided to the negotiations with the higher authoroties. Not long after that, Cavil arrives, guided by Caprica 6. Both Caprica and Baltar are etherial, and are only visible to one person each. Cavil thinks the human race is weak, as they haven't even mastered space travel in all those years. He stays there for a while but is not prepared to station any defenses near the planet. He figures the enemy won't be that strong, as the rebels were wiped out, and the humans are just like them. He becomes friends with a human called Declan, who becomes Boomer's boyfriend thanks to Caprica 6. After some time, the inevitable attack on earth takes place, and Cavil changes his mind when he sees people dying all over the place. He calls for 30 huge battleships. On the way to earth, they hear about an attack on their own home town, and half of them desert the mission and go back to defend it. On their way back, they are ambushed by the enemy, and only one of the battleships survives. Meanwhile, earth is also lost, and a few battleships, the rebels and a handfull of humans reach Cavil's homelands. Those turn out to be the original 12 colonies, of which some have become huge cities, and others are used to exploit resources. When Cavil wants to sentence the deserting battleship to death, Caprica and Declan manage to make him change his mind. Cavil starts to prepare his defenses and the rebels use that time to go search for rebel survivors. But all they find is planet debris. An accompanying Cavil battleship starts to get on non-friendly terms with the rebels and humans taking part in the mission, and their change of heart is encouraged when the enemy prison escorts look very cylon/familiar to them. Meanwhile, the humans that remained in Cavil's home, and who are guided by Miranda and thus Baltar, try to get to earth by any means possible, even if it means surrendering to the enemy. Cavil translates that as joining the enemy. The recon mission returns on the moment Cavil's home is under heavy attack. For the first time, the enemy is seen properly, and a familiar voice says "Hello, brother" through navcom. But before he can say anything else, his heavy support, which is still jumping in closer by that time, encounters the original battlestar Galactica/Sanders. The enemy is appalled and jumps out. The enemy Cavil escorts Sanders to earth, but lets nobody board him, as he has respect for the original last one of the Final Five. On earth, the original human population is shown, and fights back against their cylon/human oppressors. The enemy Cavil nukes some of the major cities, killing billions of people, clearing space for HIS humans. Meanwhile on Cavil's home, some of the enemy Cavil's Humans have landed during the attack seeking to get Cavil to turn against the Humans and tthe Rebels in his midst. When they are uncovered by Boomer and Caprica 6, Declan manages to prevent Cavil's change of heart. Cavil kills the treacherous enemy humans cold bloodedly, and does the same to the battleship that had been in the recon mission to the Rebel homeland. As they had been supporting the enemy Humans, and started a mutiny. Cavil agrees to fight back, and gives the Humans and the Rebels a colony. He's a man of principles, and the enemy has turned to the coward's tactics. A time gap takes place. The combined fleet starts skirmishes on the enemy occupying earth. But when Sanders jumps in between them and manages to bring across a message, Cavil stops. Sanders is then blown into pieces, making Cavil to retreat in disbelief. At the same time, Kara appears to the enemy Cavil. She can be seen as the godess of earth. She thinks earth belongs to the humans, but the enemy Cavil misinterpretes her words, and she kills him. She then puts the old Galactica in command of defense, and orders the Cylons to finish the war that they started. When he is downloaded by accident by a recon ship left to keep an eye on the enemy by Cavil, a lot of questions get answered. The Cavils decide that it's better to nuke the planet and Kara with it, as she is too dangerous. But when they receive a message from the remaining original humans (many turned sides to Kara's humans), they decide to fight from within. They send some Humans and Rebels to aid in the uprising. During the mission to land the help, the Cavils try to contact their Cylon "brethern" to get them to turn sides, jeopardising the mission. When Kara intercepts their messages, she notices that the Cavil she killed was downloaded, making her very angry. After cutting off the planet that's being liberated slowly off from their allies, she shows the humans how she manages to get the Cylons to fight their own. That way, she tries to force a change of heart of all Humans, telling them they should work together to save earth. But as many are originally Cavil's humans and very much longing for power, she fails significantly. That happens also because the Rebels and Humans see Cavil as their friend. After one of their resurrection hubs is destroyed by Cylons, the Cavils decide they are better than Kara, and they launch an all out attack, together with the Rebels and Humans. They defeat Kara, after which she is forced to flee with a part of her Humans and Cylons on the second Galactica. On her travel away from earth, Kara disappears again, leaving the refugees without leadership or power.


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