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By Frank Hays

GENRE: Drama, Romance

After being accused of impersonating a United States citizen by a Homeland Security officer, a gay Italian immigrant goes into hiding and finds work caring for a New York fashion designer and his two sons.


When life becomes unfair, sometimes there is no other way but to flee from what troubles us. Some of us run away from the law, and some of us from ourselves. Yet, the truth finds a way to catch up with us and finds a way to break through our walls of pretentiousness. LA FAMIGLIA is a screenplay that deals with the act of fleeing from danger, revealing the consequences of lying to ourselves and others.

The screenplay presents two different men that are escaping from their troubles. ANTONIO CAMERINO is a gay man wrongly accused of impersonating a United States citizen. He goes on the run, hiding from the law, finding a job caring for DAVIDE CALABRIA and his sons.

Davide Calabria is an up-and-coming New York fashion designer. A divorced man who continues to hide his sexuality through heterosexual relationships. He has two boys, ROBERTO and FRANCESCO CALABRIA.

The two men connect through a need. One needs to hide from police officers, and the other needs a motherly figure to look after his children. The common denominator these characters have is that they both lie, which brings unrest to their loved ones.

Davide keeps his sexuality a secret from his boys and his fashionista fiancé, DOROTHEA PHILLIPS, even though she senses the truth. In no time at all, Davide falls in love with Antonio bringing forth his true identity. They become lovers, sharing one intimate night together. Dorothea figures out the bond they share and becomes determined to separate them after overhearing a personal conversation Antonio has with his mother. She takes the newfound information, reporting Antonio as an illegal alien on the run. Dorothea's plan backs fire as HOMELAND SECURITY arrives at the house.

Davide discovers Dorothea's hatred towards Antonio and her intentions of sending the boys away to boarding school. She begs for forgiveness after losing her grasp on Davide. Davide sides with Antonio, banishing Dorothea from the household and into ROCCO DE LUCA’s arms, her muscled, uneducated secret boyfriend.

Davide fights for Antonio's release from prison and confronts his homosexuality by telling the boys, only to find out they have accepted his sexuality all along. Antonio is found innocent and released due to a computer error registering him to vote as a citizen.

From the start of its plot, La Famiglia shows the unrest of its characters, building up their efforts to hide until the characters cannot hide anymore, thus spilling their hearts out and embracing honesty. Yet, out of continuous pain and lies, a paradoxical love is born, snatching away the masks of the two men who have no other option but to embrace this undeniable feeling that consumes them. Once the lies are over, the two characters manage to find happiness, and the environment around them supports their romance, leaving no more room for prejudice or shame.

Frank Hays

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