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By Teri Foster

GENRE: Comedy

A twenty-something slacker/aspiring comic moves from Chicago to L.A. and imposes himself upon his reluctant grandfather—a stylish Lothario and self-proclaimed “big daddy.”


Aspiring comedian SEAN WILSON, 20-ish and self-unemployed, drives from Chicago to grandfather GEORGE WILSON’s quiet home in suburban L.A. This fresh living arrangement would be ideal—if George weren’t a dapper, very private, ladies’ man, and Sean didn’t exist. Surprised and angered by his unannounced, unwelcome grandson, George decides the kid can temporarily stay, so long as he quickly finds a job and respects (emphasis on or else) George’s “busy” life-style. In the kitchen, brewing coffee, George requests a joke and Sean delivers—but Grandpa doesn’t laugh.

Sean declares he’s going to hone his comedic chops at local clubs’ open-mic nights. George protests: Sean can’t stay under his roof because, as a desirable bachelor, George needs privacy. Sean vows to help around the house; they’ll become best buds! Grudgingly, George relents, but demands that Sean get a job. His grandson complains, but says he’ll start looking in the morning. Instead, George offers to immediately take him to meet friend TONY, a bar-owner who might have an opening. Later, Sean (unhappily) accepts a busboy position, but his mood lightens upon meeting waitress/aspiring actress LAURA—young, blonde, and blue-eyed. Back home, George reveals he’s a great cook by way of preparing pork chops. Sean is genuinely impressed.

That night, Sean sees George escorting a woman into his (George’s) bedroom, then—guessing what’ll follow—uses headphones to drown out their frolics. Next morning, Sean meets CARMEN; she’s cooking eggs, and he sees her allure to his grandfather. After a friendly chat, Carmen leaves for work. Sean wonders where George gets his energy, and is told from Viagra. Warning cautious use, Sean goes to his new job, where Laura apologizes for her earlier rudeness: she had a bad audition. Sean gets her to act out an improvised scene, and (somewhat harshly) critiques the performance. At home later, Sean observes George preparing for a date with SYLVIA—yet another girlfriend. She’s young! George chastises Sean for gazing lustily, and whisks her through the door. Hours pass, when Sean’s jarred awake by George’s cries: the Viagra use has caused a painful, embarrassing case of priapism! George breaks down, orders Sean to call an ambulance. Afterward, the kid is warned never—ever—to speak of this incident.

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