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By Simon Crudgington

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

A recently married professional in search of his wife. A university student a long way from home. A British Army Sergeant cut off from command, and the sole leader of the city's rescue efforts. A population infected. To sleep is to die. To die is to kill. Don't. Fall. Asleep. 


Michael has it all. A promising career, a beautiful new home, a loving wife, and now; a baby girl. With Sarah and Amber at this side, he is a very content man enjoying the benefits of a happy life. Rachel wants it all. An ambitious young student seeking the affections of the best looking guy in class, and partying through the night. Michael and Rachel. Two strangers, side by side on the top seat of a bus full of morning commuters. Both hungover, squinting at the sunlight coming through between the buildings which they pass by. Rachel, resting her head against the window, drifting off. Michael, his head eventually lolling down to his chest as he begins to doze.

Sergeant Chris Collins addresses his men at the facility. They are nervous, but they know what they have to do. Cut off from command, and unbeknownst to them, they are the sole remaining group of the city’s rescue and response efforts. Darren, dishevelled and agitated, walks frantically across a sunny field. He was on the motorway driving to see his daughter, Alicia, when the outbreak hit. He has seen things which Michael and Rachel are yet to see. In the distance, the fields rise up to a farm on the edge of the woods. As he reaches the farm, the sound of a shotgun rings out. Kate is in shock, but quickly and firmly decides to come with Darren to help him find his daughter, and taking the Land Rover, they set off towards the city.

As Collins struggles to face the reality of the situation, he turns to drastic measures to enable Dr Sampson to continue his research into a cure, leading to a new policy of forcibly rounding up anyone in the street. Darren, Kate and Alicia, having spent the night trying to stay awake, travel through the city looking for help. Michael, desolate within his grief at the loss of his wife, turns to Rachel’s support as they wander the city with baby Amber, not knowing where to turn next. All of them will collide as they try to stay awake and survive.

The film focuses on how we would act when faced with extreme and apocalyptic circumstances. It does not necessarily ask “why?” It asks “what”, “who” and “how?” It is about the love we share for our family, children, and partners, and what we would do to survive.

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