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By Simon Crudgington

GENRE: Mystery, Horror

Two young couples are forced to take a diversion off the motorway on their way home from the airport. Lost in the misty countryside in the dead of night, Jenny sees a ghostly apparition by the side of the road. As they flee through the woods, they will soon find that not all is as it seems.


Set in modern day rural England, The Diversion tells the story of a group of friends who are dying to get home. Returning from a friend’s wedding in Spain, an accident on the motorway leads them down a mysterious diversion in the middle of nowhere. Jenny sees the eerie figure of Catherine, a Victorian woman, walking through the fog. Her boyfriend Tom, and her friends Bobby and Beth, put her actions down to her heightened nerves from her fear of flying, and try to re-assure her.

Driving deeper into the mist, all four friends soon witness the appearance of Captain James Waldrum. His decaying ghostly face and his huge frame, accompanied by the ghosts of his unit of Wellington era soldiers, cause the car to crash. Fleeing through the woods, and hunted by Waldrum and his men, Jenny and her friends will fight for their lives in the diversion between life and death.

As they fall deeper into Waldrum’s world, bullets and swords connecting with flesh and bone where they had not before, Jenny realises that Catherine is there to protect and lead them to safety. Separated from the others, Jenny and Tom are led to a house where they meet William; an old man who treats their wounds and tells the local myth of how Waldrum, returning disgraced from the Napoleonic Wars, became obsessed with Catherine, eventually hunting and murdering her in these woods.

Waldrum’s pursuit overpowers Catherine’s protection, and as dawn breaks, a desperate Jenny reaches the flashing lights of the crash site on the motorway. Climbing over the embankment with Waldrum right behind her, she finally witnesses the truth. With Waldrum ready to take her to the death of his woods forever, Jenny’s diversion from one world to the next hangs in the fate of the familiar face of Kate, the paramedic battling to save her.

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