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By Simon Crudgington

GENRE: Thriller, Comedy

An anxious android porter falls in love with a French receptionist with a hidden past, as a dangerous criminal searches for the wife he had believed to be dead.


TV Series: 8 x 30mins. Set in an alternative modern day London and Paris, where advanced robotics technologies allow for lifelike androids working across society, Tranquil Tony tells the touching and comedic story of an android unlike any other. Tony knows that he is not supposed to fear. But he fears that he does fear. Amidst the stress of serving angry customers at the Barkley Hotel, the threat of decommission, and the resentment of the hotel manager, Mr Henderson, Tony listens to the healing meditation recordings of Melissa Hartman as he attempts to combat his rising anxiety. He begins falling in what appears to be love with the French receptionist, Elaina; an infectiously beautiful woman with a troubled past, and the only one who treats him like a real person. Unknown to them both, Elaina’s estranged husband Gaétan; a dangerous criminal from Paris, has discovered that she did not die in an accident three years ago, as he, her grandfather Jean, and the whole of Paris had believed. He will stop at nothing to find her. And our anxious and charming android porter will stop at nothing to save her.

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