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By Louis Spirito

GENRE: Historical, Action

A Saxon knight risks losing his family, his true love, and his life when he fights to help King Richard save England from the scheming, corrupt Prince John.


As the son of the Saxons’ leader, you were raised to despise the hated Normans. And for good reason: they stole your people’s land, their freedom, and, in far too many cases, their very lives. So imagine your shock when the Norman king, Richard The Lionhearted, summons you to join his crusade to free the Holy Land, a desperate undertaking he hopes will end the blood feud between the Saxons and Normans and, in so doing, prevent his scheming brother, Prince John, and his French allies, from usurping the throne.

Side with the King, and you will be forced to abandon everything you hold dear - your lands, your family, and your true love. Refuse and it could very well mean the fall of England and destruction of your people. That’s the dilemma facing Wilfred of Ivanhoe, aka ‘The Saxon’, as he struggles to balance loyalty to his family and clan with his sense of honor and duty. Standing in his way is a host of deadly opponents, including his sworn enemy The Templar, a sinister French knight with big ambitions of his own.

Molly Peck

Hi Louis, this concept sounds really strong! I think adding something about the blood feud between the Saxons and Normans into the logline would help your idea stand out from a crowd of period pieces. The themes of trying to end that feud are really interesting and would help readers understand what's at the heart of your film.

Nathaniel Baker

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Nate Rymer

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