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By Stephen Nagel

GENRE: Sci-fi, Drama

The world ended and Euna woke up to it. While trying to figure out what happened she has to survive a harsh environment, unexplained phenomena and a group of relentless hunters, all while piecing together the murky memories of her past.


Euna used to be a regular middle-class woman from the Cape Flats in Cape Town. A well-intentioned, but flawed person, she had many volatile relationships with the people in her life. Now she can’t even remember them clearly. One day Euna wakes up to a new Cape Town: a world in chaos, filled with debris and few remaining survivors, a far cry from the beautiful city she grew up in. Euna eventually discovers that she has supernatural powers which she struggles to control: The ability to generate bioelectrical blasts of energy and teleport to different locations; powers that are volatile in nature and highly taxing mentally. Euna’s memory is foggy, and she must find out what happened, stay alive, and piece together the life she had before.

Our story begins with Euna who wakes up all alone. Soon after this she meets Joel, a government field worker, and the unlikely pair team up to find a lab upcountry to salvage research documents Joel is carrying and figure out more about Euna’s abilities. This story is a road narrative as Euna and Joel travel to various laboratory outposts in search of the truth, and possibly a solution to the chaos. They meet friends and foes along the way, all while being pursued by a relentless villain, Renze, who works for a shadow organisation hellbent on destroying Euna and her powers.

Nathaniel Baker

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