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By Stephen Foster

GENRE: Comedy, Independent

Female driven, one-location comedy where a sibling feud erupts when flighty, new-age guru, Alice, forces her unmotivated, overweight sister, Marla, to go to a fat farm: Whale Watchers. They both fall for the same hot massage therapist. 


ALICE, a New Age guru prods her overweight, reluctant, sister MARLA (who would rather stay home playing on Facebook and eating doughnuts) to go with her on a book tour to a remote fat farm: Whale Watchers. Alice refuses to hear Marla’s pleas to stay home.

Upon arrival, sparks begin to fly as Alice gets her feathers flustered when at registration she runs into her archenemy of 15 years ago, FAITH BLUE. The resort is abuzz with two stars on the premises. Alice, sitting atop the pinnacle of her mountain of books and CD’s, is shocked when JAKE makes a sudden appearance. Jake, late 20’s, muscle-bound, tall, dark and handsome is the local masseuse.

Alice is instantly attracted to him, attempts to hold her emotions in check, as she’s a self-proclaimed “sober” healer, but She develops a craving for him much like Eve to the apple.

TILLIE (the resort's nutritionist) puts Marla on a strict diet and exercise regime. Amidst the mudpacks, the heated body wraps, the wheat grass and the blood, sweat and tears to stay healthy, Marla acts like a mule refusing to exercise or eat tofu sneaking candy bars that she stowed away with her. It is soon revealed that Jake makes all the women sweat with his “special” rubdowns. All the women begin to compete for his attentions. Jake finally gets to Alice after many flirtations once Marla who denounces her and calls her a fraud publicly humiliates her. Alice runs into Jake’s arms like Amelia Erhart crashing into the sea. They go for a whirlwind of sex sneaking around the facility to not get caught. Marla meanwhile is being fed lithium to cure her “bi-polar” disorder, which is only a fragment of Alice’s imagination and a controlling devise.

Alice begins to fly about the health spa like a monarch butterfly suddenly springing to life with her love wings. Faith types her memories while also befriending Marla and encouraging her to enter the mid-week talent show. Marla, in a moment of defiance, tosses her pills away and enjoys her voices lessons. Jake continues to give pleasure to women while Alice thinks they building a healthy relationship.

The night of the talent show is the turning point. Marla strengthened by her muse Faith hops on stage for her big moment. It is short-lived when Alice (who is secretly envious) makes fun of her during the performance and Marla runs off in tears.

Marla is on a lonely dirt road walking home when Jake pulls up behind her in his truck. He convinces her to open up to him, and they end up going back to his place for a tryst. Marla ashamed and embarrassed by her sudden sexuality wants nothing to do with Jake and offers him a cold shoulder over breakfast the next morning instead of the sunny side up reception he’s used to.

Back at the fort, Alice discovers the errors of her ways when her lecture is empty and she’s forced to cancel a class. She’s making amends left and right, but is she really sorry? Jake (now infatuated with Marla) throws a bucket of frigid water on Alice’s and his relationship. Jake suddenly stops his hustling ways at the resort much to the dismay of the management not to mention the women. Alice goes around the bend and her nice girl persona becomes unglued at the thought of losing Jake. Plunged into a dark night of the soul, she begins to plot and plan to force Jake to fall for her tricks.

How can she win Jake back? Which plot will lead to happiness? Who can guess? Who is beautiful in a land of glamour, smoke and mirrors. At the bottom of Narcissism’ s shallow pool, where does beauty lie?

© 2020 C. Stephen Foster, Registered WGA

Iris Ebia

: )

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Such colourful characters, Stephen! And you have such flair with the pen. But I worry about STD's, and sisters sleeping with the same guy is weird...can they all just flirt to varying degrees of heaviness without having sex?

Stephen Foster

they have to have sex. the story would not work with flirting.

Egi David Perdana II

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Nathaniel Baker

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Genevieve Cadorette

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Stephen Foster

thank you Genevieve Cadorette :)

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