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By Stephen Foster

GENRE: Comedy, Independent

A character-driven comedy (like Christopher Guest) where, Dick Parsons, a Hollywood hopeful gets roped into a multilevel marketing scheme after he loses his survival job.  He tries to navigate Hollywood while peddling products to his family and friends in the rat race to reach the top of the Hollywood food chain. 


This irreverent satire spoofs the insanity of “pyramid schemes” in our unstable economy and the hopeful losers who seek fame and fortune in Hollywood.

Dick Parsons, a talented, yet frustrated, actor/writer finds himself working a "day" job at a multi-level marketing firm that produces infomercials for loser products like Miracle Milkshake.

While pretending to fulfill his day job duties as a receptionist, Dick's primary focus is writing his masterpiece screenplay between the ringing phones and conference calls. He pretends to take his mother to the ER when he's actually going out for auditions! He is surrounded by annoying corporate America "office" types which he loathes and mocks.

Eventually, he gets fired from his “day job” after the boss decides to hire his girl friend in his position. Out on a limb and out of funds,

Dick, is enrolled by his friend, Madeline, to sell “Pre-Paid Legal” services. (WTF? Another PYRAMID SCHEME!?)

All is not good! He is lousy at it and Madeline's an even worse teacher. She's constantly late, unorganized and has more excuses than an octopus. This sets up the premise of a pipeline pass into the downline money machine of MLM.

Nathaniel Baker

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Stephen Foster

Nathaniel Baker thank you.

Egi David Perdana II

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