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By Cristy Ecaymuzquiz

GENRE: Drama, Family
LOGLINE: What if an encounter with a stranger turned your whole life, right-side up?


Unconditional Love is a Christian mini series (6 episodes) consisting of different episode lead characters and stories and where the main actor (portraying Jesus Christ) throughout the series has a supporting role in every episode. (The first 2 episodes (scripts) are done and the other 4 are under re-writing and development) (episode 2 script available to read)


Unconditional Love: THE CROSSROAD FADE IN INT. ERNESTO'S BEDROOM - LATE EVENING We see the time on the clock... it's 6:45 p.m. the room is at half light and then we see a young man, ERNESTO (18-25) sitting at the floor next to his bed... He has been crying for some time and we then see in his hand a pill bottle... A blank stare remains in his face, he's been through a very difficult day and he is considering ending it all tonight... COUSIN (V.O) Que... apoco crees que vas a ser mejor que nosotros no mas porque te vas a "gringo landia" con tu mama? WOMAN (V.O) This is my class, we're in America and here we speak English. FATHER (V.O) That boy is no good, he won't amount to anything. Ernesto holds his face with deep agony... INT. CASSY'S LIVING ROOM - EVENING - FLASHBACK We see a tall white Man (40-60), he is a Texas Ranger and is about to go to work but before he does so he is talking to his daughter, Cassy (18-25)... FATHER Look, Cassy... I've already told you, if you want to have a boyfriend that's fine with me, as long as it's not that boy. CASSY What's wrong with Ernesto? FATHER He's not like us. CASSY What, you mean American? FATHER Don't start spinning this into something that it's not... Look, he seems like a nice guy, but do you really think that he'll ever manage to do anything here? He's an undocumented alien. CASSY He's here on a student visa. FATHER Exactly, and what do you think will happen after he graduates, if he graduates? CASSY But... FATHER No buts, Cassy... I know you like him... that boy is no good, he won't amount to anything. We now notice that Ernesto has been listening to the whole conversation behind the corner... INT. ERNESTO'S BEDROOM - CONTINUED We see Ernesto open the pill bottle and out comes one pill yet as he brings the pill close to his mouth he hesitates... EXT. STREET ALLY - NIGHT Ernesto, on his way home, encounters another young man (18-25) who just sold a suspicious looking package to the young woman who is walking away... Ernesto pauses for a moment wondering what to do but before he can walk away the STREET GUY sees him... STREET GUY Hey you! ERNESTO Huh? Street Guy walks up to Ernesto... STREET GUY Hey man, you don't look so good... you need something? ERNESTO Something? STREET GUY Yeah, you know... stuff... pills. ERNESTO Um... STREET GUY When was the last time you slept man? (Pause) Look, never mind... here take these... Street Guy gives Ernesto a pill bottle... ERNESTO What for? STREET GUY They're sleeping pill, bro... all you need is one. ERNESTO But I don't have any money. STREET GUY Nah, don't worry about it... it's on me. (Pause) just make sure that you only take one, cuz if you take more, you won't be waking up at all. Street Guy walks away as Ernesto just stands there looking at the unmarked pill bottle... Then as Ernesto looks up, there's no one to be found... Ernesto just stands there... INT. ERNESTO'S BEDROOM - CONTINUED Ernesto re-hears the street guy's voice... STREET GUY (V.O) If you take more, you won't be waking up at all. Ernesto looks at the bottle... thinks... then pours out more pills unto his hand... But as his hand comes close to his mouth he hesitates... EXT. CASSY'S HOUSE - EVENING - FLASHBACK Ernesto and Cassy are standing outside her house, she has been left with no other choice than to end her almost relationship with him... CASSY Ernesto, thanks for walking me home from school, but this is the last time. ERNESTO Is this your idea? CASSY Please don't make it more difficult than what it already is. ERNESTO Tell me that you don't love me and I'll walk away. CASSY Ernesto... ERNESTO Tell me. CASSY You're a really nice guy, but I don't love you. I'm sorry. ERNESTO Yeah, so am I. He walks away as she stands at the door watching him leave... INT. ERNESTO'S BEDROOM - CONTINUED Ernesto cries... ERNESTO Maybe that exactly what I need. It is at this moment that Ernesto makes the decision to put an end to his life, but he's still a bit scared about the whole idea deep down... He takes off his backpack, pulls out a note pad, and starts to write his suicide letter... He starts to write the following... "Querida mama, perdon por lo que voy a hacer pero yo ya no puedo continuar con esta vida. De nada me sirve todo lo que he hecho..." (Dear mom, I'm sorry for what I'm about to do, but I can't continue to live life like this. Everything I've done has amounted to nothing...) Before he can continue writing he hears someone call his name, but he can't distinguish where the voice is coming from since it's not more than just a whisper... He hears his name called once more and so he sits up straighter looking around to see if anyone else is around, but there's no one to be found... He puts the note pad and pills away as he stands to his feet... He exits his room... INT. ERNESTO'S LIVING ROOM - LATE EVENING Ernesto is certain that he heard someone call his name and so he walks around the house to see who it could be... After a while and after realizing that only he and his mother have the key to the house he wonders if it could be her... ERNESTO Ma? ... Mama? Estas aqui? There's no answer... The house is empty... The emptiness and cool of the night start creeping in on him... He feels as if someone or something really is there... Suddenly, the phone rings... Ernesto jumps as he quickly turns around... He walks towards the phone and answers... ERNESTO Hello? MOTHER Ay gracias a Dios que te encuentro hijo... I need your help, the car broke down. ERNESTO What? MOTHER I needed to get something from the store and when I got to the car, it just wouldn't turn on. ERNESTO I don't know what to do, I can't fix it. MOTHER I know, but my shift won't end until another two hours and I don't want to walk home by myself. ERNESTO Okay... I'll be there in a bit. INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT Ernesto walks into his mother's workplace looking for her... His mother (35-50) sees him and walks towards him... MOTHER Al fin llegaste. Do you want something to eat or drink? ERNESTO No, ma... Do you have the car keys? She takes the car keys out of her pocket and hands them over to him... MOTHER Here you go. ERNESTO Thanks. He walks out... and she goes back to work... EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING LOT - NIGHT Ernesto arrives at the car, unlocks the door and dumps in his backpack, but as he does so the pill bottle drops out... he notices but before he goes after it he turns around to close the door... when he turns back to go after the pill bottle a Man (Jesus) stands in front of him (in the direction that the bottle rolled of to) and says... JESUS Is this yours? Ernesto is startled to see the Man, especially keeping in mind that he had previously seen no one... ERNESTO Um, yeah. Ernesto takes the pill bottle and puts it in his pocket... There's a moment's pause as neither of them say anything, then... JESUS Things not going as planned? ERNESTO No. Si no es una cosa es otra cosa. JESUS Entiendo. ERNESTO I just wish... I wish there was a better way. JESUS A better way to? ERNESTO A better way to live... life is so full of...complications. (Pause) Ugh, nobody cares. JESUS God cares. ERNESTO (Looking straight at him) God? (he laughs to himself) JESUS Why is that hard to believe? ERNESTO I'm not sure I want to believe in a God who would kill his own son. JESUS God didn't kill his son, Ernesto. ERNESTO I'm sorry how do you know my name? Do I know you from somewhere? JESUS Your name's on your backpack. Ernesto remembers... ERNESTO Right... I'm sorry for a moment there I thought you knew me from somewhere. JESUS You have a lot of questions don't you. ERNESTO Yeah... and a lot of problems starting of with this piece of junk. He gestures over to the car... JESUS What seems to be the problem? ERNESTO I have no idea. JESUS Do you mind if I help? After a moment's pause... ERNESTO Sure... Why not. Both men walk over to the car... Ernesto pops the hood of the car open... Jesus takes one look and notices the problem right away... Looking at Ernesto from around the hood... JESUS It's the battery cable... It's loose. ERNESTO Can you fix it? JESUS I just did. Jesus closes the car hood and as he moves away from the front of the car, Ernesto turns on the car to make sure that that was the problem... The car turns on, Ernesto smiles, turn the car back off and exits the car closing the door behind him... ERNESTO Thanks man. JESUS No problem. They shake hands... ERNESTO I owe you one. JESUS It was nothing. Jesus walks away from Ernesto as if he's headed in another direction... ERNESTO Hey! Jesus turns around... ERNESTO (CON'T) How about I buy you a sandwich or something? (Pause) It's the least I could do, if it's not too much trouble. I don't want to take you out of your way. JESUS (smiling) You'll never be trouble for me, Ernesto. ERNESTO Excuse me? JESUS Sure, why not. Both men walk into the restaurant... INT. RESTAURANT - CONTINUED Ernesto and Jesus take a seat at a table... Ernesto's mother see them and walks over... At the table... MOTHER Mijo, did you find out what's wrong with the car? ERNESTO Uh, yeah... He fixed it. MOTHER (looking at Jesus) Thank you very much sir. JESUS No problem, Sandra. She looks at him as if trying to remember an old acquaintance... Snapping out of it she asks... MOTHER / SANDRA So... Can I get you boys anything to eat? JESUS I'll have some water and the special of the day. SANDRA (Looking at Ernesto) And you? ERNESTO The same, but with uh... SANDRA (interrupting) Orange soda? ERNESTO (Laughing to himself) Yeah. She walks away... JESUS Your mother loves you very much... she prays for you a lot. ERNESTO Yeah well... that's her faith. JESUS But you don't share that. ERNESTO No... no I don't. JESUS There's a lot to live for, when you are living for the right thing, Ernesto. Ernesto thinks about this... then realizes something... ERNESTO You know I just realized... you know my name, but I don't know yours. JESUS My name is, Jesus. ERNESTO Jesus? Are you serious? I'm sorry, I don't mean to make fun of your name... I just... you seem like some sort of preacher and your name just happens to be Jesus. What are the odds. JESUS (Smiling) That's the name my father gave me. ERNESTO He must really have a sense of humor. JESUS (Smiling) What makes you say that? ERNESTO I don't know... I just think that naming your son after some mythical figure is a bit far fetched. JESUS (smiling) Yeah... a lot of people said that at the time. ERNESTO What do you mean? JESUS Well, the name Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua, which means The Lord Saves... but in a ironic twist, according to the people, here's this guy with a "far fetched" name nailed to a cross, with nobody to save him. ERNESTO Yeah, and they say "God is Love". JESUS God is love. ERNESTO Yeah, well if this "God" really does exist, then he's the worst God I've ever heard of, cause no loving father would kill his son. JESUS (smiling) What do you know about, Jesus? ERNESTO That he's some guy that supposedly lived around 2,000 years ago in Israel or something and was later nailed to a cross by the Romans, I think. JESUS Do you know why? ERNESTO Political reasons? I don't know, who cares? JESUS God cares. ERNESTO God was the one who put him there. JESUS (smiling) No... God didn't put him there, he chose to be there. ERNESTO Yeah right. JESUS (smiling) No one takes my life, I lay it down and I take it up again... This is why the Father loves me, God did not send his son into the world to condemn it, but to save it. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in him, will not perish, but have eternal life. That... is what Jesus said... and did. ERNESTO So you're telling me that, "God"... sent his Son to die, for humanity?... What for? JESUS Sin... All of humanity has sinned, and they fall from God's glory. God is perfect, but sin makes humanity imperfect, this separates humanity from God, and the only way back to God is to be perfect, but you see, humanity is lost, and no matter how hard they tried nothing you do, good deeds, charity, abstinence from certain things or people, all of this amounts to nothing... no matter how good you are on the outside, one thought can mess all of that up. ERNESTO One thought? JESUS Yes. God's standard is perfection. He knows and sees all things, even your inner most thoughts... and one small ounce of hate, is murder in God's eyes. Ernesto sits back, thinking... Then Sandra arrives with their meals... She places them on the table and smiles at both of them... SANDRA Provecho... I have to go back to work, it's been quite a busy day today. JESUS Thank you, Sandra. She smiles and walks away... Jesus looks at his meal and smiles... then he prays... JESUS Heavenly Father, I give you thanks for this food... for everything was created through your word. To you be all the honor, glory, and power, Amen. Both men start to eat, but Ernesto keep his eye on Jesus as if thinking and wondering... After a moment's pause, the silence is broken... ERNESTO You know, if this... God, is all knowing... then he really messed it up at the garden of Eden. JESUS Do you mind explaining how? ERNESTO He supposedly creates this... paradise... where everything is good, but then he plants this tree that's bad, and tells Adam and Eve not to eat it. If he knows it's bad, why would he plant it there in the first place? JESUS Tell me something... Was it the tree that was bad, or was it the disobedience? ERNESTO I think it was God. JESUS (smiling) Okay then, let's say for example that you're three years old and your mom is going outside to check the mail-box but before she does she tells you not to go near the ironing board because you can hurt yourself. Ernesto sits back as if Jesus is reminding him of his early childhood... JESUS (CON'T) Now, while she's away, your curiosity gets the better of you and you end up where you shouldn't be, right next to the ironing board, you tip it over and it falls on you. Ernesto touches his forehead where we notice that he has a faint scar... JESUS (CON'T) Who's at fault? Your mother... the iron... or you? ERNESTO It's not the same thing. JESUS How so? ERNESTO Well, for starters, my mom didn't create the iron, and she didn't know what was going to happen. JESUS No... but she did warn you, in fact, she gave you specific instructions... So, who's fault is it? ERNESTO It was mine. (Pause) But it's still different. God knows everything and he still put that bad tree there. JESUS Ernesto, you're blaming the wrong person... Yes God does know everything and yes He did create and plant that tree there, but if you think that God's will is to hurt humanity, you're wrong. In all the time that Adam and Eve were in the garden they never once, on their own will, disobeyed God. ERNESTO But Eve ate the fruit. JESUS Yes... she did... but only after she paid attention to a voice that was not God's. Only after she paid attention to a voice that said, "You're nothing", "You need this to be like God". When from the beginning God made Adam and Eve in his image and likeness. God has never, ever, wanted to hurt his creation... but Satan, has... because he rebelled against God and wants nothing more than to destroy what God, with so much love and care, created. (Pause) God is not a dictator... Everyone has a freedom of choice, that's why Satan rebelled, that's why Adam and Eve disobeyed. God offers life... that is why Jesus was crucified on the cross 2,000 years ago... to bridge the gap that sin caused. ERNESTO What evidence is there? The garden of Eden can't be found, along with Noah's ark, Sodom and Gomorrah... it's all fairy tales done by a group of people that think that they are better than the rest of us. JESUS No, Ernesto. The bible was not written by a group of people that thought that they are better than others... The bible was written through centuries by faithful servants of God who heard his voice, who heard his cry, and his desperate call of love... His words were written so that all of humanity would know the truth, that God is love, and that He loves each and everyone... no matter who they are, where they're from, or what they've done. And just because no one has found the garden of Eden, Noah's ark, Sodom and Gomorrah... does not mean that, that never happened... You don't see the air, but you breath it... You don't know where it comes from or where it's going, but you hear it... ERNESTO That's nature... Something that exists. JESUS (CON'T) God is love, you can feel it, and He demonstrated it 2,000 years ago nailed to a wooden cross on mount Calvary. The resurrection did happen, there's about 600 people who saw the risen Christ. The bible is the one book in the world with the most witnesses... people, places, manuscripts, you're looking at 25,000 witnesses with manuscripts alone... the evidence is there, Ernesto. (Pause) God could have turned His back on humanity... He could have decided not to create anything at all... But God's love is greater than his wrath. ERNESTO He flooded the world. JESUS Yes... But he also saved Noah and his family. ERNESTO He killed men, women, and children in Sodom and Gomorrah. JESUS Yes. But he also saved Lot and his family because of the prayers of Abraham. ERNESTO He let 9/11 happen, as well as many other disasters, like the tsunami in India, the big earthquake in China, and even now all the crazy non-sense going on in the middle east and don't forget about Mexico and the rest of Latin America. One thing after another, it's disaster, death, heartbreak. (sighs) JESUS Yes... But he didn't cause it. God loves humanity and wants them to accept his gift of salvation through the Christ. But just as Satan was at work in the garden of Eden and caused Adam and Eve to fall from God's grace by disobedience... That, is why bad things happen to people... because people listen to a voice that is not from God. People think that God wants to bind them when in fact He want to set them free. ERNESTO Right. (Pause) You keep talking to me about how "good" God is, when all I know is the contrary... Take my mother for example, all she does is pray and have faith... but what happened? My dad left us just like that, probably for some other woman... my mother struggles everyday, she works here from sun up to sun down, and as if that's not enough there's always problems in one way or another, it's either the car, the house, or one of us gets sick, either way, do you think that a loving God, the God that she believes in would let her go through all that? Is that what you call love? JESUS Everyone struggles in one way or another, but that doesn't mean that God is not who He says He is... Tell me something, if everything in your life was going right, would you look for God? Serve Him? Would you know the meaning of the word Trust and Faith through difficult circumstances? (pause) Ernesto, God is not a genie in a bottle, and He doesn't buy off people so they can love Him... For how long will you be listening to the wrong voices, Ernesto? (pause) For how long will you think that you're worthless simply because you're from a different nation, or you have an accent, or the color of your skin is different from everyone else, or what ever other excuse you can think of? For how long will you be running away from God's love? Ernesto starts to break down... ERNESTO I... I don't know. JESUS Ernesto... up to this point you haven't truly lived... because you've been focusing on all the wrong things, and when what you think is worth living for, leaves you high and dry, you think you're worthless and that there's no meaning to life whatsoever. And the reason why this is... is because there's a void in your heart that only God can fill. When you let him into your life, when you start listening to his voice, then and only then, do you find the meaning and the purpose of life. Sandra walks up to the table, her shift is over and she's free to go home... SANDRA Finally. I'm free to go home. Sir, I'd like to thank you for helping us. JESUS It's my pleasure. SANDRA I hope you enjoyed your meal. JESUS I did. Thank you. Ernesto takes out his wallet, but Jesus stands and stretches out his hand avoiding Ernesto to take the bill... JESUS No... this is on me. Ernesto doesn't take notice of the nail pierced scar on Jesus' wrist... Jesus takes the bill, smiles, and walks towards the cash register... Ernesto is still thinking about all that was said... He stands up and walks out of the restaurant with his mother... EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING LOT - CONTINUED Ernesto opens the passenger side door but before he gets in he notices that his backpack is on the seat... He then remembers closing the door before he even met with Jesus... EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING LOT - FLASHBACK Previously... ERNESTO I'm sorry how do you know my name? Do I know you from somewhere? JESUS Your name's on your backpack. EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING LOT - CONTINUED Ernesto comes to a realization... ERNESTO He couldn't have known my name from my backpack. INT. RESTAURANT - FLASHBACK Previously... Ernesto takes out his wallet, but Jesus stands and stretches out his hand avoiding Ernesto to take the bill... JESUS No... this is on me. EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING LOT - CONTINUED Ernesto now seeing the nail pierced scar on Jesus' wrist realizes what just happened... SANDRA Ernesto, hijo... we should get going. ERNESTO There's something I need to do first. Ernesto turns towards the restaurant and sees Jesus walking out... he runs towards him... Jesus seeing this, smiles... Once face to face... Ernesto has no idea what to say... JESUS Taking your life, is never the answer... Listening to God's voice is. ERNESTO I'm sorry for being so blind. Ernesto gives Jesus the pill bottle, hugs Jesus and starts to cry... ERNESTO (CON'T) I believe in you... I'm so sorry, please forgive me. JESUS I forgive you. Jesus smiles... and takes Ernesto by the shoulders placing him face to face with him... JESUS Go... others need to hear what you've learned today. ERNESTO But... JESUS I will always... Jesus places his hand on Ernesto's heart... JESUS (CON'T) ... be with you. Ernesto smiles, hugs him one last time, and runs of towards the car. INT. CAR - NIGHT Sandra turns on the car as Ernesto closes the door... he's still smiling... she notices this and is happy because she knows that her prayer has been answered... EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING LOT - CONTINUED The car pulls out of the parking area and as she is driving off she sees Jesus, slows down, and says... SANDRA Thank you. Jesus smiles, nods, and waves good-bye. The car drives off and Jesus smiles as he continues walking towards another direction. FADE TO BLACK

Trena Penson

A beautiful, moving, story. Luved it

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