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By Stephen Cheshire

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: A science fiction story leaving you wanting more.


The Field Trip is a screenplay of my published novel “The Field Trip” The Field Trip is a Science Fiction / Action adventure story set in New York’s Manhattan, with other settings in Russia. The story begins with the Armazoids, who are the alien invaders, who are scanning another planet light years from Planet Earth for weapons of mass destruction that could be used to start a war with the Armazoids. The small reconnaissance craft retrieves some data from the planet but how ever comes under attack as it leaves the planet. A short while passes and the ship crashes here at Earth after traveling many light years in a short time, at a Russian Air Force base in Siberia. However the Russian President does not go public with the Extra Terrestrial finding and decides to keep it a secret from the rest of the world as a way of generating revenue for the stricken nation as it is on the verge of going bankrupt. A few months pass and Bradley Harrison who is the lead character in The Field Trip is on a trip to Manhattan with his fellow school and year friends. The main friends are Kevin, who is his best friend, Max and Eric plus Kate who is the girl he loves. Jane who Kevin has feelings for. Ms Javies the teacher who he despises and Colin the teachers pet. But Bradley does not know that a bigger stronger Armazoid force has landed during the night after tracing an emergency beacon that was activated by the smaller ship. Being able to change in size they have hidden their ship underneath Central Park. The Armazoids Invade Manhattan when Bradley is half way through the trip. From there it’s a fight for survival with scenes that include: tram chases, shoot outs in shopping malls and battles with the aid from the military. Bradley’s main objective is to get his friends plus Colin to the main police headquarters in the middle of the city. Upon arrival to the main police headquarters they are evacuated by bus. But the bus comes under attack, Kate, Jane and Ms Javies are kidnapped by the Armazoids and a chase through Manhattan is on. After the chase is over they end up at a huge supermarket. Kate, Jane and Ms Javies are taken but are picked up by a group of men and are taken to a warehouse in Chinatown where they meet Marco. An ex veteran for the United States army and he thinks he can help. After a long discussion about wanting to get the girls and teacher back Bradley and a few men set out to find one of the Armazoids. After finding out the speak English they capture one and take him back to the Warehouse. Arkalon is the Armazoid they have captured and he tells them why they are here. Apart from finding out why they are here they also find out that a transmitter is being prepared to beam back Earth location in the Universe to the home planet of the Armazoids so a bigger invasion can be planned to find the data from the downed ship. Marco being a weapons dealer arms the group up with military grade weapons and a survival kit he has designed and created. It’s just a parachute with floatation devices and extra gadgets used for survival. Bradley find out the Armazoids have a weakness they can’t breathe in carbon dioxide it, is poison to them. But they repel Carbon Monoxide that’s why they take on gas masks as well. The group arrive at Central Park. Arkalon leads the group into the Central Park and down to the ship. When they are inside they find a vehicle and head to the back of the ship where the holding cells are. But on their way they pass a group of Armazoid tanks which are rolling into position to guard the main ship when it is above Manhattan to send the signal to the home planet. The group bust out Kate, Jane, Ms Javies and some other people. They manage to get them back to the main elevator after being chased by tanks and other vehicles. When the main lift is lifting them to the top deck, it is stopped by the use of a rocket launcher and it plunges down. From here the group evacuate to a monorail station which leads around the ship to another elevator that takes them to the surface where Kevin’s aids the group down while Bradley, and a few others plus a US Marine helps with the destruction of the antenna. While back on the ground, Kevin is killed after he helped Jane after she fell over twisting her ankle. The Armazoid tanks are nearing the main police station and the last of the group are running out of ammunition. Bradley arrives at a control room. He looks at a computer seeing it has the ability to control the countries weapons of mass destruction and anything else via the internet. Bradley comes across a space satellite called Zappy it has the ability to fire Electro Magnetic Pulses across a selected area of land. Bradley knows there is an electric filter on the back of every Armazoid suit, this filters out Carbon Dioxide so they can breathe ok. Bradley uses Zappy to disable the filters on the back of the suits and finish of the Armazoids on the ground. Bradley makes it to a weapons bay in the ship as Arkalon has advised him to evacuate the ship from there. He plants a charge on one of the nuclear warheads ready to blow the ship away. After thanking Arkalon he arrives at a loading bay where he is confronted by more of the Armazoids. He uses a flare gun he was given at a weapon shop he was at earlier. The flare blinds the Armazoids allowing him to open the huge loading bay door as the ship is leaving the planet. Bradley is shot in the leg by one of the rays and leaps from the back of the ship. The charge blows damaging the ship as I leaves the atmosphere. Bradley lands down onto the Hudson River with the help of the parachute. After being picked up by the US Soldiers in Manhattan he arrives back at the main police station to find out that Kevin has been killed. He collapses from shock and is rushed to a medical bay. A few hours later Bradley awakes in a hospital. He looks over Manhattan no buildings on fire nothing. He finds out he was in a coma by a doctor and Kevin is still alive. But when he goes back to sleep he hears noises people saying “Quickly get him inside, let’s see what they could have done to him” I currently in the process of getting the sequel published. From there I plan to write a third book. Please feel free to email me COPYRIGHT STEPHEN WILLIAM CHESHIRE


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