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By Vasco Phillip de Sousa

GENRE: Other, Animation

Dewi is not easily motivated. He’s not even bothered to change his hoodie, but he’d go to the ends of the earth for his dog, Ryan. So, when Ryan gets kidnapped and taken to France, it’s time for Dewi to confront his deepest fear: the French language.


North American Pitch: Dewi is not having a nice day. After learning that he failed French, Dewi’s dog "Ryan" gets kidnapped and taken to France. Now, the Welsh speaking teen finds himself lost in francophonie.

Along the way, Dewi learns French from a strange cast of characters, including a pirate, mime and frog, as he orders food, changes clothes, and tracks his dog.

Educational Web Series

It’s not that Dewi doesn’t pay attention in class, it’s just that he finds his headphones more interesting than his homework or whatever garbled sounds are coming out of the teacher’s mouth.

Dewi has chores to do, but couldn’t be bothered. And so, his inactivity is rewarded with a big fat F*. (*or Zero, considering the new national curriculum.)

Then, it seems as if the universe is out to get him. French is everywhere. A strange narrator wants to bring Dewi to France, where he can learn the language. Finally, the one thing that can get Dewi out of bed, his dog Ryan, is kidnapped and taken to France. (At least, that’s what our detectives have strung together from the clues.)

Alors, ce garçon vient en France, bien sûr! Là-bas, he meets all kinds of weird creatures, but not son chien.

The end of the story depends on the viewers at home. Sure, we have plans that could help reunite Dewi with his dog, we know places he could go, more strange characters he could ask. But, sans argent, he’ll be sent back to Wales, or perhaps Patagonia, sans chien.

Officially, Bonjour Dewi was created “to help French teachers introduce the language to primary school and early secondary school children.” It seems to work as a teaching aid.

Bonjour Dewi has been tested in two schools, and is very successful with children. Even adult French learners have said it was helpful, but it hasn’t been widely seen.

The original series was never completed, and the quality was below our original aim. Perhaps if we redo it, with more money, we’ll spread the word a little better and more people can help Dewi find Ryan.

However, it still is popular with a small loyal audience, and some of them have requested more episodes.

Most importantly, when the series is finally finished, we’ll be able to see whether Dewi finds Ryan. Will you help Dewi find his dog? Find out more at: Bonjour Dewi

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

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