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By Mark ONeill

GENRE: Crime, Film-noir, Thriller
LOGLINE: After an aide to a senator is killed in gentlemen's club and one of the dancers is violently murdered, the manager must follow a killer to Europe where he unravels a criminal empire led by Nazi bankers. Written as a NOVEL.


A veteran, Franco, returns from the Army to manage his family's gentlemen's club. The family works closely with the US Senator from Louisiana in a mutually beneficial relationship, and then an aide to the Senator falls victim to poisoning in the club, Franco must use his connections to investigate. The stakes are raised as a dancer and possible witness gets killed in a gruesome manner, then someone takes shots at Franco as he escorts a dancer to a private meeting with the senator. Franco joins forces with an Army buddy who owns a detective agency and they head to Europe to investigate, along with Remy, Franco's uptight uncle who controls their restaurant and clubs. They go to Europe and investigate a neo-nazi banker with ties to South Africa and the Pahvlavi Shahs of Iran. When they begin to get un-requested aide from the CIA and others Franco begins to figure that they have been used as a tool of revenge, led to Europe by dishonest associates back in New Orleans. As a side story, they are assisted by a dancer who becomes an investigator in New Orleans because she wants to investigate the murder of her friend, the dancer. This is not a screenplay yet - it is written as a novel, and will be published in early 2013. The story was meant to draw upon the detective shows of the 1970s: Magnum P.I., Baretta, Colombo, Rockford Files, etc. This story could lead into a TV show as much as into a film.

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