Lisa Simpson (yes, Really)

Lisa Simpson (yes, Really)

Screenwriter Agent/Book Editor at Simpson Literary Agency

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Name Change - Simpson Literary Agency (a division of LS Book Services, LLC). NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS AT THE MOMENT
I am now a Literary Agent for Scriptwriters - not sure how that happened, but it did. I feel the need to help writers get their stories out into the world and on the screen. I am continually at my desk searching for financing for those scripts, as well as producers and directors to get behind them. I make no promises of options.. but I do promise to work my butt off for you.

***The scripts/loglines are from my clients. Please contact me with any interest. Includes: Features/TV/Short
Not all the synopsis are listed here. To see them all, please visit my website...Simpson Literary Agency. The website link is above.

I am also a Book Editor. I offer a monthly payment plan with signed contract, tailored to each individuals needs. I am NOT an agent for book authors at the moment. I do not have enough contacts with major publishing houses for authors. Sorry!

Unique traits: Red-headed Irish woman from her best life in Florida


  • Golden Blood  -  OPTIONED

    Golden Blood - OPTIONED Action Crime An internationally organized crime family uses the chaos in Venezuela to smuggle out gold, women and oil until an insider agent and his lover entrap the players by a clever series of double crosses. *Script available upon request

  • Steel Wind

    Steel Wind Historical Action A group of tortured teenage WW 2 Kamikaze pilots must find a way to avoid their last useless suicide mission with the help of the leader’s lover, a lower class servant woman, and  brilliantly defeat their sadistic superiors’ plans for their deaths.  *Script available upon request

  • The Curse of the Ruby

    The Curse of the Ruby Action Adventure An archeologist and  his team of adventurers find clues to an ancient Southeast Asian mystery treasure temple and its ruby, and must team up with a tribal princess with extraordinary mental powers before they are killed by a vicious gang.   *Script available upon request

  • YABA

    YABA Drama Crime In Yangon, Myanmar, two nightclub owners must defeat  crooked politicians and meth dealers with the aid of a martial arts warrior and his lover;  they cleverly turn all the rival gangsters into enemies. Will they be able to defeat them? *Script available upon request

  • Zuhe is Thirsty

    Zuhe is Thirsty Thriller Drama All of the murderous Colombian legendary monsters suddenly appear in a poor, remote area and cause the farmers to flee, until a duo of Americans solve the mystery and defeat the evil company that has engineered the scam in order to acquire the land.    *Script available upon request 

  • A Way In

    A Way In Horror A former soldier uses a necromancer ritual to bring her husband back to life only to be terrorized by the demonic spirit which possesses him and it’s up to her and a local priest to stop the demonic entity. *Script available upon request

  • Cornelius

    Cornelius Other A young man conscripted into the Roman Army, swiftly moves through the ranks, crushing all enemies set before him, but his world of duty and honor turns upside down when he meets a man claiming to be the Messiah.*Script available upon request

  • Losing It!

    Losing It! Budget: $0 - $100K | Drama Comedy A nostalgic comedy-drama following a dried up Eighties star, Ian Barrett, as he tries to find ways to support and keep himself relevant. In his delicate state of mind, he manifests a much younger version of himself, that gives him tons of sh**! (Based in UK) ** Pitch Deck uploaded instead of script  Screenplay available upon request

  • Descendant Evil

    Descendant Evil Horror A Salem Witch hellbent on revenge, traps a family within a New England house to lure the descendant of the man who killed him, and it's up to a loner teen to rescue them from the possessed house. *Script available upon request

  • Stuff of Legends

    Stuff of Legends Horror Fantasy In a small lakeside town, eight people mysteriously disappear, and it’s up to three kids, a jaded museum curator, and the police chief to stop the sinister beast from taking more lives. *Script available upon request

  • Resuscitate

    Resuscitate Budget: $0 - $100K | Historical Drama When Holocaust survivor, Maria, and disturbed teenager, Shelby, battle their own traumas in Mackenzie Ward at Madison County’s Main Hospital, will the two strangers finally be able to discover the true value of family and healing?*Script Available Upon Request

  • Doomsday Kids

    Doomsday Kids Budget: $0 - $100K | Sci-fi Family Two young siblings, left in the care of a domesticated combat robot, embark on a journey to find their missing wiz-bang father after finding out he may have been kidnapped by a terrorist organization and illegal high-tech weapons dealers.Terminator 2 meets Napoleon Dynamite

  • Rain Maker

    Rain Maker Sci-fi Action In the year 2030, civilization has collapsed, and it hasn’t rained in years, but there’s a rain-making machine in the clutches of a deranged religious cult, so an ex-professor who has been searching for his missing daughter is recruited to lead a team of “Knights” to recover the world-saving device.  *Script available upon request

  • Dark Ages

    Dark Ages Sci-fi Fantasy On an Earth-like planet, a brave prince living in a medieval epoch, must lead his people to fight against a technologically advanced race of world conquering aliens.   (Live Action or Animation)*Script available upon request

  • The Twelve

    The Twelve Historical Family (Faith Based) - After being exiled to an island prison by the Roman Emperor, the last disciple of Christ must carve out his own existence, battles against the elements, solitude, and an evil incarnate who seeks to destroy him. The Passion of the Christ meets Castaway. *Script available upon request

  • Haul Out the Trash

    Haul Out the Trash Budget: $1M - $5M | Action Crime Two young Italian brothers find revenge for the death of their parents by trying to destroy gang members and their drug trade; having a twist which explains the decades long, maniacal search for revenge, that consumes one of the brothers. **Pitch Deck is uploaded in place of Screenplay. Script available upon request.

  • Wounded Love

    Wounded Love Romance Drama A brilliant but disabled ex-lacrosse star forms a controversial relationship with the team coach. With jealous teammates, and a Human Resources harridan scheming against them, will their relationship become a disgrace, or will love win in the end?*Script available upon request

  • Red Planet Blues

    Red Planet Blues Sci-fi Drama When a Doctor travels to Mars to investigate his friend's murder, he is entangled in a conspiracy with crime-lords, farmers, and revolutionaries. *Script available upon request

  • The 26 Buddhas

    The 26 Buddhas Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama Crime In the borders of Myanmar, a janitor finds smuggled priceless golden antiquities. Her daughter and a male friend must find her in Turkey before she is killed by the international art thieves and save the relics.*SCREENPLAY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

  • When Angels Cry

    When Angels Cry Budget: $100K - $1M | Thriller Drama Isabella Kent disappears without a trace after Savannah and Stormie’s bodies are found down by the creek, but her dark past soon catches up with her, and she takes justice into her own hands. Finalizing Script for Pre-Production

  • Paranormal FBI: Cold Case Unit

    Paranormal FBI: Cold Case Unit Thriller Drama When former gang member drops out of his gang and disappears without a trace, the new love of his life finds herself working with a medium, ghost hunters, a detective and an FBI agent try to find him before it's too late.*Script available upon request


  • University of Cincinnati

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