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By Carlos Ransom

GENRE: War, Action

The United States Army has four of the deadliest units in the military. The way they carry out their operations has been a secret to those not affiliated, until now. Welcome to the world of the eighty-second airborne division. Death from above.


The 82nd Airborne Division is an 18-hour rapid deployment force, capable of being anywhere in the world in 18 hours commonly called the 911 response to the world. The major difference is they deliver everything including people, vehicles and supplies from an aircraft at no less than 400 feet in the air by parachute. Based on a real paratrooper’s life, you are taken from the very beginning when the paratroopers get their call that it is time for war to the actual time that they dominate their enemy.

The paratroopers are sitting in their barracks passing the time when the on-duty NCO comes on their floor and announces their deployment. The paratroopers scramble to grab their gear and get outside to formation. From there they are taken to a nearby Air Force base where they begin preparations for putting on their parachutes, receiving ammunition and getting on their aircraft. One particular paratrooper has some trouble finding a properly functioning parachute and becomes discouraged until he gets help from his sergeant. On the aircraft many paratroopers engage in conversation, go over orders and get some rest.

When the time comes for the paratroopers to jump out of the aircraft, the jumpmaster stands up and begins pre-jump commands. The paratroopers check their equipment and parachutes with the aid of their fellow paratrooper. After the jumpmaster gets everyone up and ready, he opens the door and the paratroopers begin to jump out of the aircraft. Some troopers have parachute malfunctions and recover from them. Other paratroopers fall violently to the ground and die.

Once the paratroopers hit the ground they begin to engage the enemy and a few paratroopers die in the process. They take over a building and begin to push further out in order to take over more territory. They get attacked a couple of times before making it to a second building where a major battle takes place. Once they successfully take the second building they unknowingly kill off the remaining enemies by destroying armored personnel vehicles.

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