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By Carlos Ransom

GENRE: Thriller, Horror

Imagine a dream where sanity becomes reality and non-beliefs become beliefs. Where your level of commitment determines your faith. A dream where you must chose a path and every path you choose creates a new level of evil. Imagine a dream where the difference between fact and fiction is based on faith.


Mike has a dream where he is taken from location to location fighting in a war waged for the souls of himself and his two best friends. None, even Mike, know that Mike is the strongest demon they all have to confront. The dream goes off course when a powerful demon, named Akaasha, tries to alter the outcome. The dream is shared by all three of the friends at the same time, but they don’t know it.

In the beginning of Mike’s dream he wakes up, gets out of bed and heads toward his kitchen. Walking out of his bedroom, he enters his old high school hallway where he notices demonic things happening. Mike enters a classroom, a group of demons attempt to capture him but he escapes the school and is quickly sent spiraling out of control.

Throughout the dream the friends are constantly pitted against each other, with one believing the other to be the evil one. A quick turn of events causes their beliefs to change. They also become aware that Akaasha orchestrated the entire dream. Mike fights to keep Akaasha from converting one of his remaining friends’ soul; who is the only one, of the three friends that hasn’t accepted the process but may not live through the dream.

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