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By Nick Bohle

GENRE: Horror, Crime

Born into a family of religious serial killers and a Halloween family tradition unlike any other, a young girl named Nora Delmenzo, traumatized by her mother’s violent death, grows up with a moral complex between good and evil, right and wrong. Fatefully, on the eve of her long awaited 18th birthday she is forced to make a choice that could cost her everything. 


Halloween night, 12 years ago, little Nora Delmenzo sneaks out of her room after her family's annual haunted house. The Delmenzos aren't your average family. They come from an ancient line of knights sworn to rid the world of sin. The game has changed over the centuries. It used to be raids and razes. Nowadays, the saints have had to become a little more creative with their selection process.

Nora is 6 now so she knows a thing or two. So why can't she help with the family's haunted house till she's 18? Nora's curious about what really goes on after dark in her family home. As she makes her way deeper underground, below the garage, through a secret dirt tunnel she finds her mother preparing to "cleanse the soul" (murder) of a sinner.

Nora's presence surprises her mother and distracts her enough so that the woman on the table can struggle free. She finds a scalpel and stabs Nora's mother in the neck killing her and nearly escaping. Moments later her father, Carlos, a catholic priest, enters dressed as a butcher. He kills the woman as he sees his wife dead on the floor, little Nora nearby. As the dust settles he puts two and two together and demands Nora to leave with her big sister, Anya, while he mourns his wife.

The traumatic event sets in motion a cascade of revelations about the Knights of Thy Hallow. Anya tries to run away to Chicago but is captured and institutionalized by Carlos. Upon the demands of her father, Nora begins to train to become a knight in the shadow of her brother, Killian. All the while, a rage and rebellion is bubbling inside Nora as she matures towards adulthood. Many Halloweens come and go as Nora questions the morals and decisions of her father's religious ways. How do they select their victims? Where's the line? She continues training to fight with Lee, her sensei, all in preparation for her 18th birthday and official initiation into the order.

On the eve of her 18th birthday, Nora is drowned and brought back to life by her father, thus commencing the initiation process. She is welcomed back to the land of the living with her family's praise but has a hard time reconciling what just happened. Eventually, she gathers herself to finally be a part of the haunted house like she's been working towards her whole life; albeit not what her 6 year-old self had imagined anymore.

The night goes as planned and the family is able to capture each of their targets. Then it's time to meet in the "cleansing cellar." Each of the family members take their turn "cleansing" their chosen soul and then Nora has her chance - she does not hesitate to kill her chosen soul, a sex offender and child molester. Nora is torn inside. She has fulfilled the initiation and is now a knight but the dust is not quite settled when a little girl appears in the cellar; the daughter of one of their victims. Carlos demands that they be "cleansed" and Nora is given two choices to redeem herself. Either save this little girl from her own family or give into the madness of their moral delusions.

Her training with Lee serves he well as she is forced to "cleanse" her father, her brother, her aunty, her uncle and three cousins in order to help the little girl escape. With her new found freedom as an adult she checks Anya out of the abusive institution her father left her in and the two start a new life as a the next generation of the Knights of Thy Hallow.


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