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By Marian (Kelly) Mangoubi

GENRE: Animation

Detective Kit, an inquisitive toy fox, and sidekick Rio, a creative-thinking stuffed hedgehog, must find Stripey Sock Sockerson before their five-year-old girl, KIKI, returns home.


A 22-minute preschool tv series set in Toytown, a lively, imaginary city Kiki built where toys come alive. Each day Detective Kit (a wind-up toy fox) and sidekick Rio (stuffed hedgehog) team up to solve mysteries and puzzles in and outside of Toytown, using everyday literacy, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills.

In this episode, one of Kiki’s favorite socks, Stripey Sock Sockerson, is missing. Detective Kit and sidekick Rio set out to find him. They meet with Dusty Bunny, who tells them to talk with King Toesy-Wosey in the Land of Lost Socks. Before they set off, Kit creates a poster of Stripey Sock Sockerson’s twin, while Rio writes down directions to the Land of Lost Socks (Living Room --> Couch --> Land of Lost Socks) in his notepad. Kit and Rio invite the audience to join them on this adventure and then ask them for help comparing the letters on the street signs with the letters on their map. Kit sounds out the letters. If the letters match, they know they are going in the right direction.

Kit and Rio immediately meet with King Toesy-Wosey when they arrive. He takes them to a mountain of individual socks and pulls two socks out of the pile. The socks match. He puts them together while explaining he needs help matching the rest of the socks. Kit suggests they sort the socks by color and pattern, then starts to match the socks.

After a few minutes, only one unmatched sock remains. Kit and Rio compare the sock to the sock on their poster. They then ask the audience if the lone sock and the sock in the poster match. The audience says, “Eureka! It’s a match!” Kit and Rio gather up the matched socks, grab Stripey Sock Sockerson’s missing twin, say goodbye to King Toesy-Wosey, and head home to reunite Stripey Sock Sockerson and his twin.

Nathaniel Baker

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