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By Chester Davis

GENRE: Action, Fantasy
LOGLINE: A superhuman warrior exploring the post-apocalyptic wilderness of North America must defend an isolated human settlement from demons.


A solo adventurer with magical abilities called Sloane saves explorers from supernatural predators prowling the ruins of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The explorers and the rest of their people seem unaware of and unprepared for the demonic menace spreading the old United States. The demons come looking for the hero, and discover a city full of potential slaves, or food. Sloane’s brash attack on a powerful demon – a rakshasa – almost proves fatal. And that wasn’t the toughest creature coming for the humans. Sloane discovers the true size of the approaching menace and tries to organize some sort of defense, but there isn’t time. Everything is on the line in a showdown between the demonic warlord and his minions and supernatural “lone gunman” Sloane.


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Chester Davis

Revised draft includes new title page and updated contact info

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