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By Chester Davis

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi

In 2057, a bounty hunter races to save a young woman from a secret organization that is killing people in destructive experiments with digital immortality.


David McLaren and his partner Meredith Cho hunt software pirates and cybercriminals in the cyberpunk landscape of a mid-21st century city. David bags a crook who works for Dr. Albert Magnus, a malevolent and fanatical neuroscientist. David blows off a warning to back down. A mysterious woman hires him to find her estranged niece. .

David and Meredith figure out where Grace is probably being held, but attract the attention of Magnus’ minions, who try to kill the two bounty hunters. Veiled threats turn into open threats as Magnus threatens to kill Grace. But the game is on so to speak, and David calculates he can take the bad guys by surprise. David and Meredith prepare for the final showdown. Some of Magnus’ thugs head into town after David and Meredith, and know right where to go. A chase and shootout end well for David and Meredith, but did the pursuers send a warning to their boss?

Yes, they did. David infiltrates the gang’s compound to rescue Grace. Things go well until David confronts Magnus in a medical lab, with Grace caught in the middle. She was to be the recipient of a “brain state” retrieved from a dead person. Grace survives, but they both become persons of interest to the FBI.


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