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By Robert Grubbs

GENRE: Sci-fi

After surviving an oil tanker explosion, a troubled war veteran experiences visions of a beautiful woman from Atlantis. Now, to get his life back and to save his family, he must uncover the truth about the woman haunting his dreams.


Logline:St. George, Bermuda 1997.While working on an oil tanker in the Sargasso Sea, PAUL KURTZ is caught in an explosion and is knocked overboard.Paul sinks into the water and has his first ATLANTIS DREAM:We see feminine hands, caressing him... almost pulling at him into the ocean's depths.Paul fights the hands off.We cross-cut to Paul being rescued by his colleagues above as he tries to fight them off as well.Paul wakes up at the hospital to his wife, CHRISTINA and son, JOSEPH.In a moment alone with the doctor, Paul inquiries what the dream he had underwater may mean.The doctor tells him the dream was simply caused by the loss of oxygen underwater.But the dream feels too real.For Paul, things are no longer what they may seem and the dreams continue to haunt him...

VISION OF ATLANTIS tells the story of a man haunted by a woman from the past.A woman of sensual and seductive beauty who draws Paul closer and closer back towards the ocean.With his family in grave danger and a lawsuit filed against him by the very company he works for, Paul's only chance to save his family and to clear his name is to discover the truth aboutthe woman haunting his dreams... the woman in the ocean.But to uncover the truth, Paul must face a danger more real and terrifying than even he could ever imagine.


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Robert Grubbs

I've just completed my new screenplay VISION OF ATLANTIS. It's a reincarnation and how you can't run away from your past. I would welcome any comments about me,

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