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By Anthony Crossen

GENRE: Crime, Drama

When a good cop faces an imploding marriage, wrongful arrest, and cartel
extortion, his only choice to protect his family is outside the law.


Burned out cop, Abel Polaski, is a good guy but, he's tired. He works

gangs, an endless problem with no clear solution. The only

thing worth saving is his family. Unfortunately, his wife Miranda is at

the end of her rope. Counseling isn't working. He's afraid she may

already have one foot out the door.

Things get real when Abel is roughed up by cartel thugs who threaten his

family and demand their money back, money he knows nothing about. Internal

Affairs also wants a word. They detain Abel and run a surveillance tape

of him shaking down a low-level dealer. His family problems are going

to have to take a back seat.

Released by his lieutenant, Abel has twenty-four hours to uncover who is

trying to frame him and why. The only one who'd know is the cartel

boss, "El Borrado," aka, The Eraser. Abel needs to confront him before either

the hit on his family goes down, or he's locked away for a crime he

didn't commit.

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