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By Paul Rothbart

GENRE: Comedy, Romance
LOGLINE: With the help of his imaginary, ideal woman, a cynical, lonely reality show writer competes with his show's host for the affections of one of its contestants.


Soul Mate by Paul Rothbart Artie Schneider is a former stand-up comic and currently a writer for the hit New York based reality show, Soul Mate. Intelligent, quick-witted and very funny, Artie is also twice divorced and cynical about relationships. He hides his loneliness and frustration behind a façade of jokes and false confidence. Artie doesn’t even confide in his fellow writer and best friend from childhood, Ken Rosen. As the show finalizes casting for the third and last season, Artie is in distress. Among the number of men with whom Artie’s second wife cheated on him is the show’s host, Johnny Soul. Artie despises the minimally talented, superficial, burned out, former rock star. He dreads the start of the new season and having to see Johnny on a regular basis. In a moment of despair, Artie’s subconscious creates Sophie, an imaginary manifestation of his ideal woman. Although he initially tries to deceive Sophie about his state of mind, she reminds him that he cannot hide anything from her. Sophie’s mission is simple and direct: help Artie to find a woman with whom he can have a happy and long-lasting relationship. Artie finds a potential match in an unlikely place. During casting, Artie and Ken interview the usual bevy of would be actresses, singers and models that come to the show looking to win and become Johnny’s soul mate, strictly for the fame. But one potential contestant stands out. Michelle Carlyle is a highly intelligent PhD candidate in literature. She has no career aspirations connected to the show. She simply wants the chance to have a relationship with Johnny, whose hit song “Soul Mate” deeply moved her as a young girl. Artie feels an immediate attraction to Michelle. A chance meeting leads the two to a conversation that reveals they are polar opposites in terms of their outlooks on love. Michelle is a true romantic, feeling that Johnny is her soul mate, while Artie is a realist, believing that true love is a myth. Despite their differing opinions, there is a mutual attraction. Sophie encourages a reluctant Artie to pursue a relationship with Michelle. Unfortunately, Michelle is conflicted. She loves Artie’s intellect and sense of humor, but she feels a strong connection with Johnny. Artie cannot understand how a brilliant woman like Michelle could be interested in a man like Johnny. Is there more to him than Artie realizes? As contestants with outrageously fake personas are eliminated, the show becomes a two-woman race between Michelle and Kelly Melendez, the stunningly beautiful, vain, mean-spirited model from Miami. Kelly will do whatever it takes to win, and use Johnny to advance her career. With Sophie’s help, Artie attempts to overcome the guilt and insecurities he feels over his failed relationships and convince Michelle that he is the better match. In order to do so, he must confront Johnny about the indiscretion with his wife. If he fails to win Michelle’s heart, he may never recover from the pain of being a three-time loser.


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