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By Tom Batt

GENRE: Thriller, Crime

A drug addicted prostitute infiltrates a low budget porn studio to exact revenge on the men who killed her friend in a snuff film.


Devlin Hunter is a 22-year-old escort working with her friend and roommate Roxy (26). After seeing Roxy go off with a mysterious new client, she becomes concerned when Roxy doesn’t return home the next morning. Devlin visits the local police station to report her missing where young detective, Lewis (30) offers to radio out a description.

Roxy’s mutilated body is found later that day in a field, the crime scene attended by Lewis and his partner Grantham (50). By searching through Roxy’s purse they discover a photo of her and Devlin, much to Lewis’ surprise. He tracks down Devlin’s apartment and breaks the news to her. This pushes her back into drug addiction to cope with her loss. Meanwhile, police uncover a videotape depicting a gruesome murder.

The videotape finds its way into the hands of Lewis as it becomes clear the victim featured in the film is Roxy and her death, at the hands of a masked man, was recorded. With this being their only lead, Lewis reluctantly asks Devlin if she would be willing to view the tape in the hope she will recognise anything about the masked man. Devlin is unable to watch it in full, and finds nothing about the masked man familiar. Still turning to drugs to get through the day, she stops by a video rental store, where her drug dealer works. In the backroom where he’s making bootleg copies of films, her eye is caught by a familiar masked man in a porn film playing on a television screen. By studying the VHS case she learns the film was made by Hardwood Films.

Devlin visits Hardwood Films meeting the owner Patrick (30), and getting a job as an actress. There she spots one of the actors, Ricky Romero (29), who has a tattoo much like the masked man. Suspecting Ricky to be Roxy’s killer, she tracks him down at a nightclub and persuades him to go back to his, where she seduces and then brutally murders him.

Devlin’s next target is the cameraman Jordan (26). He has similar pen marks on his arm as the cameraman’s arm featured in the videotape. She follows him to an underground porn market and finds out the snuff film was Patrick’s idea before killing Jordan. With Devlin’s body count rising, Lewis and Grantham make a connection between Ricky and Jordan’s death and the snuff film. Grantham starts to suspect Devlin may be involved in both their murders.

Lewis confronts Devlin and she confesses to the murders. Lewis is distraught, confused because of the feelings he’s developed for her, but knows he needs to arrest her. She manages to slip away unnoticed, but when Lewis realises she’s gone, he goes after her.

Devlin visits Patrick prepared to kill him, but Patrick is already one step ahead and knows who she is. He recognises her from the night he picked up Roxy. He knows she killed Ricky and Jordan, but she won’t kill him. He tells her the reason they killed Roxy. She beat his brother with a baseball bat and crippled him after he smacked around Devlin. He did it for revenge and the money they were paid by the socialite for a genuine snuff film. Now he plans to make a new film with Devlin as the star.

Lewis heads for Patrick’s apartment, but finds the place empty. He heads to the film studio, but Patrick refuses to let him enter. Lewis suspects Devlin is inside and barges in. He finds Devlin and unties her, but a fight breaks out with Patrick. As Patrick is about to kill Lewis, Devlin breaks free and kills Patrick with a fatal overdose of heroin.

Lewis decides to let Devlin go, and covers for her. Grantham doesn’t believe his story and when he sends officers to arrest Devlin, Lewis warns her and she manages to get to the train station and leave before they arrive.

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