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By Tom Batt

GENRE: Horror

A bed-bound obese man who lives his life online becomes the victim of a power cut and when the hunger sets in he gets desperate.


Larry is an obnoxious obese man, confined to his bed. He lives his entire life online, working, socialising, entertainment and ordering food. After groping his nurse, she decides she’s had enough of his attitude and quits. Assuming she’ll come back, Larry thinks nothing of it and orders himself several pizzas.

The pizzas arrive and Larry upsets the delivery man by refusing to give him a tip. Larry gorges on the pizza and settles in to watch some TV, but the power cuts off. At first, Larry remains calm confident the electric will be restored soon, but as the hours pass and with no way of contacting anyone for help, the hunger sets in.

He tries for his mini-fridge, but it hasn’t been restocked. He hopes for crumbs in the discarded pizza boxes, but they are clean. He becomes desperate, trying to eat whatever is around him such as his pillow, but nothing is solving the problem. That is, until he looks at his hand, covered in juicy meat.

The next morning, his nurse returns to collect her glasses that she left. Upon entering Larry’s bedroom she is horrified but what she sees. Larry’s dead body covered in blood, a chewed stump where his hand used to be.

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