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By Kris Simonian

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi, Drama

A young woman with supernatural powers (inspired by the Mexican Revolutionary folkhero) returns to the big city to get revenege on those that wronged her only to become the head of a popular uprising and be forced to square off against a corporate created "superman".


Twenty years ago, five year old Gina Garcia was taken from a city orphanage by scientists and given a cocktail of experimental drugs. Instead of achieving the desired result, Gina got very sick. Wanting to wash their hands of the whole ordeal, the scientists drive Gina a few towns over and leave her at a surrender site at a hospital.

She has a rough upbringing, only knowing snippets of what happened to her, but the memories of those medical tests are burned in her brain. Things get weird when Gina hits puberty and suddenly discovers that she has developed superpowers. She has the ability to disappear for a period of time (though it drains her) as well as force the scariest thoughts to manifest themselves in any person she touches skin to skin. Confused, Gina cannot wait for the day to head back to Zenith and find out who tested her and why they did it.

She arrives into a city in turmoil. The bottom 99% of the population have rallied against billionaire Mayor Charles Frye's plan to tear down the working class Founder's Square neighborhood and put up high priced condos. The movement has struck a larger chord though – the have-nots are sick of the haves – and the city is a powder keg ready to explode. Gina ends up becoming a match when she blows into town as the masked superhero “Adelita”.

The arrival of a force that might tip the balance of power in Zenith forces Mayor Frye and his lead scientists – the men responsible for Gina's upbringing – to create a “superman” or their own. What follows is the battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Zenith, the fight between Adelita and her new superfoe and Gina's quest to discover who wronged her and her plan to destroy them.

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