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By Kris Simonian

GENRE: Drama, Family

As a slick, internationally known “Prosperity Preacher” nears retirement age, his two top pastors (one his son the other his protege) fight for control of the filthy rich ministry and all its money making ventures.


Pastor Ezra Porter has been spreading the Word of the Lord through his SOUL Ministry network for nearly forty years. He's amassed a huge following, made a small fortune and become a national celebrity. He sits high upon his righteous throne in front of millions each week. He is a beacon of hope to the destitute, a standard bearer for clean living and a model of pious behavior.

He's also a fraud.

Pastor Porter is a “prosperity preacher” who built an empire with the help of unsavory characters, political dealers and his generous and loyal flock. He believes in the Lord to be sure, he just believes in the almighty dollar more. He has carved out a special niche in the hearts of true believers and can't help but take his share.

Nearing retirement age, Pastor Porter still holds onto his throne but just barely. Waiting in the wings are two princes: his soft-spoken son Isaiah and his charismatic protege Luke. Both men have grand plans for the future of the Ministry but only one can rule it all. Things heat up between the men when Pastor Porter has a stroke and clings to power by a thread.

And while he recovers and the others scheme, an undercover reporter from a national magazine has become the first person to infiltrate the Church's inner circle. As the series moves forward, she will slowly uncover and expose what's going on behind the scenes. That is, unless she is found out.


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