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By Kris Simonian

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
LOGLINE: Washed out former Naval officer Carter Ashbolt lives the salty life of a modern day pirate: He drinks, he plunders, he'll do nearly any job if the price is right. He and his small motley team of cons work every port in the Caribbean making few friends, more enemies and staying one step ahead of the law.


To most people, San Juan, Puerto Rico is paradise. Beautiful vistas, sandy white beaches, gorgeous people and a tropical climate are reasons that tourists flock to the Caribbean hot spot. But Carter Ashbolt isn't most people. To him, San Juan is a den of inequity: a dirty place filled with shady characters where the right kind of person can make a ton of money if they're willing to break the rules.  And Carter is that kind of person. ​ A modern day pirate, Carter and his small crew of con-men are known throughout the Caribbean. He's got connections everywhere: the US Navy, organized crime, shadowy figures and local governments. He's done jobs for all of them – sometimes playing the sides of each other. He's burned and built bridges with everyone and only Cater can pull it off. He might personally be a mess, but he's the best at what he does.

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