Rachel Rath

Rachel Rath

Work papers for Europe and USA at LittleMissVoiceover.com/12pt Pictures/RachelRath.com
Actor, Director and Voice Artist

Los Angeles, California

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November 2011
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About Rachel

Actress, VO Artist, Filmmaker working between USA and Europe.

--- Career Highlights ---
P.Cap and Voices for soon-to-be-announced video game expanding the cinematic universe for one of the world’s largest franchise(Warner Bros).
Voices for Gunfire Games.
Voices on audio movie event ‘Unsinkable’ with Brian Cox, John Malkovich, Thomas Brodie-Sangster And Harry Hamlin – Deadline article.
Won Best Actress Award for lead role the film 'Caroline' at the Fentress Film Fest 2021.
Premiered theater show 'Babylon Heights' by Irvine Welsh
Worked with Michael Caine, Michael Gambon and Conor McPherson on 'The Actors'
Moss the Elf on feature film 'Ella Enchanted' with Anne Hathaway
Joined Pierce Brosnan, Roma Downey and more on stage as the sword fighting Irish Pirate Queen 'This is Ireland' Los Angeles

-- Founded the artist community The Attic Studio Ireland. Works with Irish Screen America NY/LA and cultural advisor for CIACLA Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles

Unique traits: Improv artist, voice over, Knife fighter, Sword fighter


  • Mary Naked

    Mary Naked Drama A typical mom, now in her late 50's and completely disaffected in her life finally has her coming of age.


    NINJA NINA Action Family Nina was born with no hope or future and learned to do as told by her domineering father, even if that meant grand larceny. It is only when caught and sentenced to community service that Nina begins to learn who she is and that she is worth fighting for especially now that she could be an Olympic contender.


  • Caroline

    Caroline (2020)
    Film Actress

  • Bull

    Bull (2017)
    TV Series Actress

  • The Foreigner

    The Foreigner (2017)
    Film Miscellaneous Crew

  • The Day LA Stood Still

    The Day LA Stood Still (2016)
    Film Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Beacon

    Beacon (2016)
    Film Miscellaneous Crew

  • Then That Happened

    Then That Happened (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actress, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Going Green

    Going Green (2012)
    Film by Mairi Sutherland (Drama) Actress Amber and Nigel, seventeen-year-old daughter Liberty, and Ambers father Michael, live in London. With Amber and Nigel both made redundant... See full synopsis »

  • Folklore

    Folklore (2012)
    Film by Justin Calen Chenn (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Actress Over the course of one day, an android, a water nymph, a time traveler, a couple aliens, a vampire, and many other mythic beings of folklore are interviewed and asked to update a fictional government agency on their lives. 'Folklore' touches upon the many laughs, joys, awkwardness and plights of life that any of us will be able to identify with...whether we are human or not. Written by Anonymous

  • Masters of the House

    Masters of the House (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actress, Director, Producer A Hollywood mega film Producer dies during a bout of wild passion. His staff aren't ready to lose their cushy salaries, so they carry on as usual - concealing his death and continuing to run his estate.

  • Lex

    Lex (2011)
    Film (short) by Troy Ruff (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actress A little girl from birth has powers to move objects with her mind. As a young girl tragedy happens and she chooses to never use her gift again. When she becomes older the world starts to be overtaken with unknown machines. As Lex and her brother Ethan run for their life's, she has to make a decision to keep her oath, or to over come her fear and use her gift to save her life as well as her brothers, and maybe the worlds. Written by Anonymous

  • Embers of the Sky

    Embers of the Sky (2010)
    Film by Justin Calen Chenn (Drama, Fantasy, Romance and Sci-Fi) Actress 'Embers of the Sky' is an anthology of three short films that tells three different stories about three female protagonists and their respective journeys to find peace. Along the way, each overcomes many hard struggles, wild characters, and emotional conflicts as they battle to find inner freedom. 'A Song For Swan' revolves around aliens on Earth, 'The Reve' centers around a realm not of our world, and 'Since' takes place in a parallel dimension. Written by Anonymous

  • The Guards

    The Guards (2010)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actress

  • Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne

    Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne (2009)
    Film by Conor McDermottroe (Drama) Actress Austin moves back to Ireland with his mother after she fails to procure an abortion in the UK.

  • Savage

    Savage (2009)
    Film by Brendan Muldowney (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actress An exploration of masculinity and violence. A story of obsession and revenge, as a man tries to come to terms with a brutal, random attack and its consequences.

  • 140

    140 (2009)
    Film by Farah Al Amin (Documentary) Director 140 filmmakers in 140 locations worldwide will be synchronized through the website Twitter.com to film 140 seconds at the same time. The theme is connection. The must film whatever it is that connects them to their home and do it in 140 seconds of continuous footage. Written by Frank Kelly

  • Watching and Waiting

    Watching and Waiting (2008)
    Film by James Fair (Drama) Actress Katherine is an English private investigator who has been hired to probe the movements of Michael, a businessman suspected of infidelity. For three days, Katherine follows Michael during his 'business' trip to Ireland, gathering evidence to incriminate him. However, when Katherine meets Tomas, an escort that she hires to provide cover for one evening, she is made realize that she has perhaps interpreted Michael's marital situation incorrectly. What follows is a journey into Katherine's understanding of love, truth and faithfulness. When faced with the reality that her spying will determine Michael's future, Katherine is forced to make difficult decisions that put her own principles to the test. Written by Fair, James

  • Anton

    Anton (2008)
    Film by Graham Cantwell (Action, Drama, Romance and Thriller) Actress, Producer When Anton O'Neill returns home after five years at sea, he finds that 1970's Ireland is a radically different place to the one he left behind. Northern Ireland is in flames, and civil unrest has spilled south of the border to his beloved home in County Cavan. Blinded by hatred and misguided patriotism 'Anton' is led into an illicit world of violence and is forced to choose between his family and his country. Hunted and on the run, Anton is drawn into a battle of wills with the law and his former accomplices, ending in a showdown in which he must risk everything to protect the woman he loves. Written by Fox Glove Films

  • The Athenrides

    The Athenrides (2008)
    Film (short) by Jessie Ward O'Sullivan (Comedy) Actress Three severely misguided Irish girls fancy themselves as the Next Big Thing when an ambitious manager lends a helpful, if wandering, hand in turning them into the all-singing, all dancing girl band, THE ATHENRIDES. With more delusions of grandeur than actual talent, they've got their eyes on Eurovision. Written by Anonymous

  • Dark Side of Heaven

    Dark Side of Heaven (2008)
    Film by Robbie Moffat (Sci-Fi) Actress Captain Lucien Pzozocz (a nine year-old boy) and the three-man crew of Fisionships - an intergalactic vessel sent to recover a missing spaceship from behind Pluto - find themselves in deep trouble when a Ned wreaks havoc on their navigation equipment and sends them hurtling to the outer limits of the universe at ten times the speed of light. Adrift in space with no way home and nothing but the conspicuously-present Red Dwarf DVD collection for entertainment, many swordfights, ambushes, and very long walks inevitably take place. Written by Mr_John_Barrymore

  • An Racán

    An Racán (2008)
    Film (short) (Action) Actress, Producer

  • One Careful Owner

    One Careful Owner (2008)
    Film (short) by Graham Cantwell (Comedy) Actress A difficult to please customer puts a car through its paces, Steve McQueen style.

  • It Could Happen to You

    It Could Happen to You (2008)
    Film (short) by Juliane Block Actress Urban Myth: Vanessa bumps into a little girl who claims she's lost. Having the words of her good friend in mind about a new rape tactic - little girl as bait to bring young women to a certain house with wired bell. Young woman gets electrocuted, faints and wakes up the next morning with 20 used condoms around her - she cautiously watches every of her steps while giving the girl a lift home. Written by Berlinale Talentcampus

  • Dublin 26.06.08: A Movie in 4 Days

    Dublin 26.06.08: A Movie in 4 Days (2008)
    Film by Graham Cantwell (Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Director, Miscellaneous Crew In a rare and potentially fatal feat of cinematic daring, Dublin: The Movie was shot entirely between 12.01am to 11.59pm on Thursday June 26th 2008. This audacious cinematic collage offers both a unique snapshot of a single day in the life of Dublin and a vivid example of a bold guerrilla filmmaking model.The film is an eclectic, multi-authored impression of Dublin (within the M50) as it lived, died, breathed, made love, filled up and emptied, consumed, wept, was rained or shone on, grew bright and then darkened again. Written by Andrew McAvinchey

  • Missed...

    Missed... (2007)
    Film (short) by Maureen O'Connell (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress When a ditsy personality & alcohol just aren't enough to sustain a romance anymore.

  • Nuts

    Nuts (2007)
    Film (short) by Irvine Welsh (Drama) Actress

  • Axe Raiders

    Axe Raiders (2006)
    Video by Robbie Moffat (Action and Adventure) Actress Fingal is avenged by his daughter Ethne in a story of intrigue and revenge in the Highlands of Scotland during the Dark Ages when tribes fought against tribes.

  • Cycle

    Cycle (2006)
    Film by Robbie Moffat (Thriller) Actress A guy on a mountain bike stalks five students, murders them and eats their brains. They say its safe, healthy and fun to hill walk in Scotland, but they don't tell you when there is a cannibal on the loose. Fiction? Is it? Not so for Isla Peterson and Pearl Johnson, two final year students when they meet Brendan, the campus cannibal. Shot in the rugged mountain pass of Glencoe in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the serenity and beauty of the wild open landscape is a hunting ground and an easy killing field for the twisted Brendan, who only has one thing on his mind - eating the girls' brains. Written by Robbie Moffat

  • Paranoia

    Paranoia (2005)
    Film by Colin Downey (Fantasy) Actress Paranoia evokes the insular world of a young disturbed woman who has closed herself off from society.

  • Fáilte go hÉireann

    Fáilte go hÉireann (2005)
    Film (short) by Graham Cantwell Actress

  • Past Pupil

    Past Pupil (2005)
    Film (short) by Graham Cantwell Camera and Electrical Department

  • The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

    The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (2005)
    Film by Steve Bendelack (Comedy and Horror) Actress The fictional world of Royston Vasey is facing apocalypse and the only way to avert disaster is for our nightmarish cast of characters to find a way into the real world and confront their creators. From present day Soho to the fictional film world of 17th Century Britain, the residents must overcome countless bizarre obstacles in their bid to return Royston Vasey to safety. Written by Press Release

  • Ella Enchanted

    Ella Enchanted (2004)
    Film by Tommy O'Haver (Comedy, Family, Fantasy and Romance) Actress Based on Gail Carson Levine's award winning novel, this is the story of Ella, a young woman who was given a "gift" of obedience by a fairy named Lucinda. She must obey anything anyone tells her to do. When her mother passes away, she is cared for by her thoughtless and greedy father who remarries a loathsome woman with two treacherous daughters. This modern-day, fantasy Cinderella story features fairies, ogres and elves...as well as a hero in the guise of Prince Charmont, whom Ella falls in love with. Unlike Cinderella though, she must depend on herself and her intelligence to get her through her troubles and find Lucinda in order for her "curse" to be broken! Written by M. C. Gomez

  • Laws of Attraction

    Laws of Attraction (2004)
    Film by Peter Howitt (Comedy and Romance) Actress This is the story of two New York divorce attorneys who are often competing against each other, but end up in a relationship nonetheless. When they get married, can they avoid the same issues at home that lead people to provide them business at work? One of the central cases in the story is the heavily-publicized divorce of a rock star from his wife... Written by austin4577@aol.com

  • Close

    Close (2003)
    Film (short) by Tom Hopkins Actress

  • Bachelors Walk

    Bachelors Walk (2003)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actress

  • A Dublin Story

    A Dublin Story (2003)
    Film (short) by Graham Cantwell (Drama) Actress Set in contemporary Dublin, this is a timeless urban tale about "Clocker" and "Sanga", two young street kids whose innocence is starkly contrasted by the harsh environment in which they both live. Over the course of a day and in their interactions with various characters in central city locations, Clocker and Sanga learn much about each other and themselves as the start of their friendship develops. Written by Cantwell, Graham

  • Headrush

    Headrush (2003)
    Film by Shimmy Marcus (Action, Drama, Comedy and Crime) Actress Headrush is a crime comedy about two disillusioned youths, struggling through a haze of cannabis, who hope to solve all their problems by smuggling a consignement of drugs for a local gangster. It's set in the present day in Dublin, Ireland against the backdrop of the end of the Celtic Tiger: the bursting of the bubble of this economy boom that's supposed to have done wonders for us all. Written by tomred121@hotmail.com

  • The Actors

    The Actors (2003)
    Film by Conor McPherson (Comedy and Crime) Actress Two failed actors decide to pull a con on a local gangster by pretending to be the people he owes money to.

  • Rats Tales

    Rats Tales (2002)
    Television (Family) Actress

  • Custer's Last Stand Up

    Custer's Last Stand Up (2001)
    Television Actress

  • Holidays of Horror

    Holidays of Horror

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