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Director of Development, Cold Iron Pictures

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Feature Script Read + 30 Minute Talk with an Executive

A one-on-one development discussion with the industry executive of your choice

Every writer knows that you need professional feedback to make sure that you’re putting the best possible version of your story out in the market. Any artist knows that you need to forge new and genuine relationships with people in the industry, as networking is the largest key to success in Hollywood. So, if you had the opportunity to do both of those things simultaneously, wouldn’t you want to seize it?

Well, good news: you can with our 30 Minute Consultations!


What Is It?

You’ll submit the script for your feature to the working industry executive of your choosing. After they give it a thorough read, they’ll schedule a 30 minute phone call with you where they’ll both discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your piece, and offer up suggestions on how to continue developing it. No one will have a clearer idea of how to make your project market-ready than these executives.

And remember: this is your opportunity to build a potential relationship with someone on the inside. Be professional, be courteous, be yourself, and if you have specific questions for them, ask away! And make sure that you take notes. The information that you’ll receive through these phone calls is invaluable and you won’t want to miss an ounce of it.


What Our Writers Are Saying:

I have had two good agents in the past in Hollywood but feel Stage 32 is equally great in their investment in my future. They seem to want to see me succeed ...Take their notes seriously because they know how to do this. I feel the best value is the 30-minute consultation after a script read.

-Angela VanZandt-Bumpass


My consult with Steve B. was not only informative, but gave me the confidence and resolve to understand the tough business of submitting successfully scripted material to industry insiders. We should commend Jason M. and Stage 32, for helping us cut through the red tape and get good material to the industry.

-Dennis J Hamilton Jr


I had a consultation Skype call with executive Bret Slater. Saying I was overjoyed afterwards is an underestimation! Everything was absolutely worth it. ...I came out of the call feeling over the moon: encouraged, uplifted, full of ideas and with a much clearer plan of action ahead. I am now looking forward to a potential follow up call. Thank you Stage32 for facilitating this service! It is outstanding.

-Stefania Licari


What You Actually Receive:

  • A thorough script read by a working Hollywood executive
  • An intimate, half hour-long phone call in which the executive will provide detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your piece, plus suggestions on development to ensure that your project is market-ready.
  • Ample opportunity to ask any questions that you might have. We absolutely recommend that you take notes during this call.


What You Submit:

  • Your full script!


Who’s Your Reader?

  • You get to choose from our roster of managers, producers and development executives
  • BONUS: you have the ability to choose your reader based on genre


Turnaround Time:

  • Approximately 3 Weeks


This Service is For You If:

  • You don’t know anyone in the industry and would like the opportunity to meet someone at the heart of it all
  • You’d like to get an idea as to what a professional development meeting would feel like.
  • You need an opportunity to candidly speak about your project to an unbiased and experienced ear.
  • You want an insider’s perspective on how to make sure that your project is market-ready.


Would You Like to Have Even More Time With an Executive?

We can do that for you! Check out our 60 Minute Consultations instead.



Are you outside the United States? Not a problem! Email WriterHelp@stage32.com for help with your booking!


Not sure which executive is the best choice to read your script and hop on the phone with? Email j.mirch@stage32.com anytime with information on your script's genre & a logline/synopsis (if available) for advice.




PLEASE NOTE: By booking an order for coverage or consulting with an executive, you agree to submit your script within 24 hours. Due to the professional commitments of our executives, their availability changes frequently. Failure to submit your script in a timely manner may cause your order to be delayed far beyond the estimated timeframe - or go unfulfilled.

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