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Stage 32 Happy Writer Executive Silvia Mathis

Get feedback on your feature from Silvia Mathis

Executive Producer (works with Hallmark, The Wolper Org(Warner Bro/Discovery, Sandstone Artists)

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Feature Script Premium Development Notes From an Executive (2 Pages)

You choose the development executive, manager, producer or financier to provide your feedback!

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Get Script Development Notes You Need from Professionals You Can Trust.

With more distribution options than ever, more and more feature films are getting made than ever. Places like Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max and Apple TV+ are picking up content to meet the demand of their subscribers. No matter where you are in the world, you can start building your relationships and networks with executives who will read your feature script and invest their time, knowledge, and experience directly with you by providing you comprehensive development notes on your script.

With these development notes, you’ll submit your feature to the working industry executive that you choose. That executive will carefully read the script in full, and send you 2 full pages of constructive and insightful feedback. No one will have a better understanding of the current marketplace and the appropriate home for your script than these industry professionals.

You’ll be surprised how small the industry is – this is why sending your script to executives and meeting with them NOW is paramount. Getting notes on your feature screenplay with one person has more potential than you know: you’re building your reputation and networks in the industry – and that’s just the beginning. You never know where one read may lead.

Are you ready to get to work? Keep reading.


What You Can Expect:

  • Your full script will be read by the executive with their knowledge of current market trends in mind.
  • They will provide you two pages of comprehensive development notes in 5 categories: formatting, concept & originality, character & dialogue, plot & structure and budget & commercial prospect
  • You will receive a professional pass/consider/recommend rating for both your script and you as a writer
  • If you get a double recommend (both your script & you as a writer), you will be put in that month's Best of Stage 32 Lookbook and sent out to over 500 industry executives!


What Our Writers are Saying :

Thank you Stage32 for giving me the most helpful and best coverage I have received to date. It was truly inspiring. Your team is awesome!

- Frank Mendocino


If you're considering investing in Stage 32's Premium Coverage from an Executive service, I highly recommend requesting Ms. Carli Haney to read your script. Ms. Haney provided thorough, thoughtful feedback on my dark comedy pilot. She dug into the core of my story, highlighted my story's strengths, & she carefully examined areas where my pilot could use polishing. Her notes were honest, & they allowed me to view my pilot (& my own abilities as a writer) in a new light.

- Riley Fullerton


The Stage 32 professional coverage series is great resource for writers because it allows the writer to choose the most specifically qualified reader possible! ...I received thoughtful & insightful coverage. I had many worries about this process, but what I feared most was that the coverage would either be opaque or brutal. Instead, I found good news & good advice - & confirmation of my own thoughts. I was truly impressed by the obvious time my reader took with the script.

- Mary Lissone

Read more success stories and testimonials here.


What You Actually Receive:

  • 1-2 pages of comprehensive notes on the core elements of your script: formatting, concept & originality, character & dialogue, plot & structure and budget & commercial prospect
  • A Nutshell (X meets Y comparison)
  • A Pass/Consider/Recommend on the project
  • A Pass/Consider/Recommend on the writer
  • Overall feedback & suggestions for next steps


What You Submit:

  • Your full script. Please note: The maximum accepted length for a feature script is 120 pages.


Who’s Your Reader?

  • You get to choose from our roster of managers, producers and development execs from leading companies in the industry
  • BONUS: You have the ability to choose your reader based on genre


Turnaround Time:

  • 21 Days


This Coverage is For You If:

  • You want a detailed and candid assessment from an expert.
  • You want to get your work in front of someone who can take your career to the next level.
  • You’re looking to take that final step to make your script market-ready.
  • You’re starting to build a portfolio.
  • You want to enter a screenwriting contest.


If You’d Like to Build a Professional Relationship:

That’s a great idea! You can receive coverage and network when you book a 30 Minute Consultation with an executive.


Click Here to see an example of our Premium Script Coverage from an Executive!


Not sure which executive is the best choice to review & provide notes on your script? No problem! Email WriterHelp@Stage32.com anytime with information on your script's genre & a logline/synopsis (if available) for advice.




PLEASE NOTE: By booking an order for coverage or consulting with an executive, you agree to submit your script within 24 hours. Due to the professional commitments of our executives, their availability changes frequently. Failure to submit your script in a timely manner may cause your order to be delayed far beyond the estimated timeframe - or go unfulfilled.

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