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Stage 32 Happy Writer Executive Maria Baltazzi

Get feedback on your tv from Maria Baltazzi

Emmy Award-Winning Producer & Director, Sojourn Media (works with A&E, ABC, CBS, Discovery, ESPN, History, Lifetime)

Maria Baltazzi also accepts Drama, Family, Comedy, Horror/Thriller, Action/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Faith and For-Filmmakers projects.

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First 10 Pages Review

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Will Your Script Hook a Reader and Keep Them Turning Pages to the End?

Your first 10 pages of your script are perhaps the most important of your entire story. Those initial pages must hook your reader from the very first word and entice them to follow you into the world your story has created. No matter the genre, those first 10 pages are key. Whether you’re submitting your script to a screenwriting contest, a manager, an agent, a producer, or director, your job as a writer it to craft those pages in such a way that the reader is compelled to keep reading. Whether you are writing your first script or your fiftieth, learning to make those first five pages sing is a critical skill.

And now, exclusively through Stage 32 you can have your script's first 10 pages read by an industry executive who will give you their professional feedback.

If you have a completed script, your feedback will help you understand how your script will fare in the market and if you're working on a script your feedback will help make sure you're on the right track.

You have the ability to choose the executive you want to read your script! You can find a fit based on genre or their work history. Then you will send your script to them and they will read the first 10 pages of your feature script or TV pilot then send you notes with thorough feedback in 6 major categories:  your first scene, the setup of your characters, the setup of your world, clarity of your tone, originality of concept and strength of your voice. 

Best of all? If they like what they read, they will continue to the end of the script for no additional charge! And, if they want to know more they will request a meeting with you. 


What Our Writers are Saying:

I opted for a "First 10 Page Review" & I could not be happier. I got a [First 10 Review] with Ms. Carla Westlund from Cake-studios & her feedback was outstanding. I'm pleased to say I received a "Consider," & by doing so, Ms. Westlund has renewed my fever to see my story on screen.

- Abdur Mohammed


I've had nothing but a positive experience with Stage 32 script services, the feedback, analysis and suggestions from plot errors to character arc and development have been extremely helpful.

- Drew Warren Delaine


Being new to Stage32 at this writing, I was dubious as to what kind of feedback I would receive on my script. I couldn't have been more pleased. First, the response was earlier than promised. Second, the feedback was constructive insightful and very encouraging.

- Michael Wenig


What You Actually Receive:

  • a Scorecard rating 6 major elements of your first 10 pages: your first scene, the set up of your characters, the set up of the world, clarity of the tone, originality of concept, & strength of voice.

  • a Pass/Consider/Recommend on the project

  • a Pass/Consider/Recommend for the writer

  • plus overall feedback and notes on the executive's first impression


What You Submit:

  • Your full script


Who’s Your Reader?

  • You get to choose from our roster of managers, producers and development execs
  • BONUS: you have the ability to choose your reader based on genre
  • OTHER BONUS: executives occasionally request to read through to the end of these scripts, and many have requested meetings with these writers.


Turnaround Time:

  • 14 Days


This Coverage is For You If:

  • You’re working out a new script or concept.
  • You want to make sure that your inciting incident is strong enough.
  • You have doubts about your protagonist being compelling enough.
  • You’ve gotten negative feedback on your opening/first act and aren’t sure why.


If You’d Like More of Your Piece Read:

  • We’ve got options for that, and our Premium Development Notes is a great one.



Make sure to send your whole script, because your exec may choose to read past page 10! If they do, they’ll provide you with additional script feedback at no additional cost!



Click Here to see an example of our First Ten Pages feedback card!



PLEASE NOTE: By booking an order for coverage or consulting with an executive, you agree to submit your script within 24 hours. Due to the professional commitments of our executives, their availability changes frequently. Failure to submit your script in a timely manner may cause your order to be delayed far beyond the estimated timeframe - or go unfulfilled.

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