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Script Coverage from an Industry Reader

3-5 Pages of notes in 72 hours or less!

The Fastest Way for a Chance to Enter the "Best of Stage 32" Lookbook!

Only the top 5% of Scripts are Showcased to over 500 Industry Professionals - including Managers, Agents, Producers, & Executives.



Which of these best describes you?

- You have just completed the first draft of your latest Feature or Television Pilot. This is not a hobby for you. You are serious about a career in the industry and you want thorough notes on your project from readers that are trusted by Studios, Production Companies, Management Companies, and top Agencies. 

- You are just beginning your creative journey and career. Everyone who is successful in the Entertainment Industry received help from more established professionals who guided their steps and gave advice. You can avoid common mistakes and setbacks by learning from those are have done what you are attempting to do.

- You just did a major rewrite and want to see if your changes are tracking. You know that readers who see a lot of material can pick up on what is working and what needs further development. Before you send your script to an executive or other Industry Professional, you want to pass the first hurdle. 

- You believe your Script is ready for inclusion in the "The Best of Stage 32" Lookbook! This is one of the greatest honors a Stage 32 community member can receive for themselves and their script. Leading companies are requesting scripts through Stage 32! They trust Stage 32 has the best writers of any writing community - with the best material.

If your project receives either a "Double Recommend" or a "Recommend Writer/Consider Project" in full written coverage - your logline and bio are automatically included in our next "The Best of Stage 32" lookbook!


Here are just a few of the companies that have request Scripts after seeing a logline in the "Best of Stage 32" Lookbook:

  • Stampede Ventures (deal with CBS Television Studios)
  • Marc Platt Productions (Producers of CRUELLA for Disney)
  • Lit Entertainment (Producers of FREE GUY & TOMORROW WAR)
  • Alibi Entertainment (Billion Dollar Management Co.)
  • Amasia Entertainment (Producers of WILD MOUNTAIN THYME)


Remember - in order to be included in "The Best of Stage 32" Lookbook your rating needs to be either a "Double Recommend" or a "Recommend" for you as the writer and a "Consider" for your script! It's that easy!


How Can Stage 32 Help You?

With this coverage, you’ll submit your script and within 72 hours, you’ll receive 3-5 pages of constructive feedback on crucial script elements, covering your strengths and weaknesses throughout. 


What Our Writers are Saying:

Stage 32 Coverage is wonderful! I highly recommend it. Your eyes and the eyes of friends and family members are not enough. You need a Stage 32 reader, like mine, to triage your script, so you can transform it into a strong, viable story that impacts the reader.

- Gayle Herbert Robinson


...only one service has consistently provided coverage that I felt was worth every penny I paid, & that is Stage32. NOT because I always agree with the readers, but because they have stated their case clearly & offered suggestions and insights on how to improve. That allows me to learn & grow as a writer. THAT'S what coverage should be & an example of a true professional reader.

- Dirk Patton


The coverage service offered by Stage 32 is absolutely worth-while. By receiving outside perspectives on our projects, this service allows us to gain additional insight to further maximize the quality of our scripts. The feedback is clear and concise while offering solutions to help us out with problem solving. I definitely recommend everyone to try it out!

- Joshua Maheu


What You Actually Receive:

  • 3-5 pages of detailed notes on the core elements of your script
  • An estimated budget range & the commercial prospects of your project
  • A Logline
  • A Nutshell (X meets Y comparison)
  • A Pass/Consider/Recommend on the project
  • A Pass/Consider/Recommend for the writer


What You Submit:

  • Your full script!



You can also order a Synopsis, which is incredibly helpful to those writers hoping to rein in the focus for their overall story or have a foundation for a pitch document. For an additional fee of only $49, you will receive a 1-2 page detailed synopsis on your screenplay discussing both your protagonist and antagonist, major plot points, and character arcs at length.

Just check "Yes! I want to receive a 1-2 page synopsis of my screenplay for only $49" upon checkout!


Who’s Your Reader?

  • A working entertainment industry professional reader. All of our readers have at least 5 years of studio, production company or industry reading experience, and they’ve been individually vetted by Stage 32.
  • We also know that anonymity can be intimidating, so you’ll receive a brief bio of your reader so you can see the qualifications of the person giving feedback!


Turnaround Time:

  • 3 Days or less guaranteed


This Coverage is For You If:

  • You’re looking for professional, unbiased feedback before you start a rewrite.
  • You’ve lost all track of your story and need to rein in your focus.
  • You’re hoping to workshop a first draft.
  • You want to start shopping your project around to executives.


If You’d Like Your Piece Read by a Hollywood Exec:

  • We can do that, and our Studio Coverage is a great option for you.



If your script receives a “Double Recommend” from the reader - that is a “Recommend” rating for both your script and your writing ability, your script’s logline and your bio will be included in an industry lookbook which is sent to over 500 industry professionals every month! Previous lookbooks have resulted in requests from Sony Pictures Animation, 3 Arts, Lit Entertainment (THE TOMORROW WAR with Chris Pratt), Verve, Ramo Law, The Cartel, Untitled Entertainment, Circle of Confusion, Zero Gravity Management, Mind's Eye Entertainment, Marc Platt Productions (LA LA LAND), Black Bear Pictures (THE IMITATION GAME), Polaris Pictures (OBSESSION), Energy Entertainment and more!

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