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Stage 32 Happy Writer Executive Kevin Christoffersen

Get coverage for your film script from Kevin Christoffersen

Executive Producer, Film Education & Development

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Studio Level Coverage from an Executive (3-5 Pages)

The executive of your choice will read your script and give 3-5 pages of extended script notes plus a logline.

It's important you understand the current marketplace and where your script fits in. Your script is being read for feedback from an executive of your choice. The executive will read and respond to your script as if it were a professional submission to their company and will provide coverage to go over where it fits in the current marketplace they are working in.

What You Receive

  • 3-5 pages of coverage reviewing 6 script elements with extended script notes: Formatting, Concept/Originality, Characterization/Dialogue, Structure/Pacing/Plot, Budget Range & Commercial Prospects.
  • Nutshell (X meets Y)
  • Logline
  • Feedback / Next steps suggestions
  • Pass/consider/recommend – Project
  • Pass/consider/recommend – Writer

What You Submit

  • Your full script

Who Reads Your Script

  • Development executive, manager, agent, producer that YOU choose
  • Ability to choose reader based on genre

Turnaround Time

  • 2 Weeks

You Should Submit If

  • You are doing a full deep dive into your material in an effort to taking the final step toward making your script market-ready.
  • You are seeking representation, entering contests, or building a portfolio.


Not sure which executive is the best choice to review & provide notes on your script? No problem! Email WriterHelp@Stage32.com anytime with information on your script's genre & a logline/synopsis (if available) for advice.

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