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Stage 32 Happy Writer Executive Silvia Mathis

Get feedback on your feature from Silvia Mathis

Executive Producer (works with Hallmark, The Wolper Org(Warner Bro/Discovery, Sandstone Artists)

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Feature Script Read + Studio Level 60 Minute Talk with an Executive

Improve your script, build your network and make a plan for your next steps with a top industry professional - exclusively through Stage 32!

Get the Advice You Need from Professionals You Can Trust

You have worked hard to write your feature film script. Trust us, we get it...

Your next step is to make sure that your story stands out in today's market. The market is constantly changing and it's important you not only understand that, but also understand how your story can stand out from the rest. 

To do that you need guidance from a professional. Now, exclusively through Stage 32, you can have a professional actively working in the film industry read your script and hop on a call with you discuss their feedback. The goal is to help your script be the best it can be. You will work directly with an executive of your choice to develop your script to give you the best competitive advantage for today's market. 



We want to put you in a position to win

We have curated an elite community of executives that include managers, development executives and producers who are passionate about meeting new writers and championing emerging voices like yours! As soon as you step into your meeting you become a professional industry colleague developing original content with trusted and well respected professional on the inside track of market trends attractive to buyers and audiences alike.

In the past 10 years at Stage 32 we've watched thousands of writers get discovered by getting optioned, staffed on hit series, sold to buyers and produced, financed and distributed on film and television... all through connections made from Stage 32. You can rest assured our mission and our executives' mission is to see you succeed in advancing your career with every meeting.


Ready to get your script read and hop on a call with an executive to get feedback? 

Now is your time! You can choose the executive you want to read your script that specializes in your genre (need suggestions? Email us at writerhelp@stage32.com), and once they are done reading your script you will have a private meeting. You'll go over the strengths and weaknesses of your script and develop a plan for your next steps. Their goal is to ensure you are market ready, and competitive for buyers specifically targeted for your material. Our executives have bought, sold, and developed content for all major networks, studios, and streamers like Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Paramount, Columbia Pictures, MGM, Amazon and more!

Best of all? This is a totally safe space for you to talk about your script. Your executive is here to help in every way.  We want you to walk away with confidence that your script will be competitive and ready for the greenlight! 

Take your meeting, and get to work... there's no time like the present -- You can do this. We are here to help you navigate the industry every step of the way. 

Your Success is Our Mission.

All the best, 

The Stage 32 Team


What Our Writers Are Saying:

"From all of my sessions, I have left with positive/realistic feedback that inevitably enhances the story that I'm trying to tell."


"It was great connecting with a US-based producer and discovering the sensibilities of the marketplace. Most of the notes made very good sense and, once implemented into the script, made the next draft stronger. That to me is worth its weight in gold."


"[The Industry Pro] was there for every question and she was very patient and down to earth about everything. She never made my questions feel dumb and she made it very easy to open up"



The Details

What You Receive:

  • A thorough script read by a working Hollywood executive
  • A private, hour-long phone call in which the executive will provide detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your piece, plus suggestions on development to ensure that your project is market-ready.
  • Ample opportunity to ask any questions that you might have. We recommend you take notes during this call.

What You Submit:

  • Your full script. Please note: The maximum accepted length for a feature script is 120 pages.
  • Please make sure to also provide two different methods of contact for your call (multiple phone numbers, a Skype handle, etc.)

Who’s Your Reader?

  • You get to choose from our roster of managers, producers and development executives
  • BONUS: you have the ability to choose your reader based on genre

Turnaround Time:

  • 21 Days

This is For You If:

  • You want to have ample time to speak one-on-one with a working industry professional
  • You recognize that forging genuine relationships with executives is critical to your project’s next steps
  • You’d like to get a taste of what a professional development meeting feels like
  • You want the most thorough understanding of how to package your piece to ensure that it’s market ready


Are You New to Writing & Unsure of How to Get Started?

That’s fantastic, and we are so glad you found us! Sign-up for a 60 Minute Career Development Call and you’ll get set on the right path.


Not sure which executive is the best choice to read your script and hop on the phone with? Email success@stage32.com anytime with information on your script's genre & a logline/synopsis (if available) for advice.


PLEASE NOTE: By booking an order for coverage or consulting with an executive, you agree to submit your script within 24 hours. Due to the professional commitments of our executives, their availability changes frequently. Failure to submit your script in a timely manner may cause your order to be delayed far beyond the estimated timeframe - or go unfulfilled.


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