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Stage 32 Happy Writer Executive Silvia Mathis

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Executive Producer (works with Hallmark, The Wolper Org(Warner Bro/Discovery, Sandstone Artists)

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Reel Review + 30-Minute Talk with Industry Professional

Share your vision with industry leading Producers, Managers, and Filmmakers


Your reel is your calling card. It’s the first thing decision makers see when considering you for a role or a project. A great reel can catapult your career, a poorly compiled reel can set you back months or even years. You want to put yourself in the best position to win. How are you going to make your reel stand out from the countless others floating around the industry? You can now get access to working industry professionals to give you their professional feedback on what your reel says about you to decision makers.

Best of all, you get to pick the working industry professional who reviews your reel and who you get on the phone with to discuss your talent and your work.


Introducing the brand NEW Reel Review exclusively from Stage 32.


What is Reel Review?

Stage 32 Reel Review ensures your reel is the best it can be by putting it in the hands of industry professionals, having them review it and hop on a call with you to provide their professional feedback. These professionals look at reels every day as part of their jobs and use them as a tool in deciding who to hire. Through Stage 32 Reel Review you can elevate your reel to make sure that you stand out to decision makers. And, you have the power to target the industry professional of your choice. Send your reel, short film, sizzle reel, trailer, feature clip or TV pilot up to 30-minutes. Then speak with that professional one-on-one privately for 30-minutes.

No matter if you are an actor, a director, or a cinematographer, now you have direct access to industry professionals who want to help you move your career forward. Take the guesswork out of your career development. This is your best next step if you want to level up in a very competitive industry!


Which of these best describes you?


- You are an actor. You may already be a working actor or you may just be starting out and only have a few scenes or self tapes under your belt. Either way your reel is the most powerful tool you have. You want to make sure that you’re putting your best work front and center when it is seen by casting directors, producers and directors. Do you want to know what your reel is really saying about you as an actor? Stage 32 reel review is for you.


- You are a director. You have directed short films, a proof of concept, or perhaps even a full feature. And now you are ready to take on bigger projects and more ambitious productions. You want producers and other managers to see that you are capable of shepherding a feature film from beginning to end. Making those connections starts with showing off what you have already accomplished in your career.


- You are a producer. You have a pitch reel or proof of concept that you are using to secure financing for the latest Feature Film you are producing. You want your pitch reel to pull in potential investors so they can see the vision you and your team have for the project. You will be trusted with a lot of money for this project - start the conversation by showing them your project is unique, fresh, and viable.


- You are a cinematographer. You have an eye for beautiful, cinematic imagery and you are ready to further your career in film or television. You have a reel that captures your best shots and shows a producer or director that you’re ready for the next level. Or you are at the point in your career where you want guidance from a fellow cinematographer about your career steps.


- You are ready for representation. No matter your discipline, you are ready for the next stage of your journey - finding a representative who will help you build your career. You want to show your best work to a manager or agent and start a dialogue with them.


Give Yourself the Best Chance of Success in a very Competitive Field

The 30-minutes you invest in yourself now will take years of struggle off your Journey


How can Stage 32 Help?

  • In a single PDF Document, you submit
    • A cover letter as a PDF which includes a clickable hyperlink* to the reel, self tape, or short film that you would like the industry pro to review. (Make sure your filmed work is on a web platform such as YouTube or Vimeo and able to be shared)
    • Your resume or list of previous credits
    • Your professional biography


What You Receive:

  • A comprehensive review of your material (up to 30-minutes)
  • An in-depth 30-minute private phone call in which the Industry Professional provides you with detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your filmed work, suggestions on development to ensure that your project is market-ready, and suggestions on how to move your career forward.
  • Ample opportunity to ask any questions that you might have.


What Your Fellow Creatives Are Saying:


"Until I showed my reel to a Casting Director through Reel Review, I had no idea that I was starting off with my weakest material. Thankfully the Casting Director was able to show me exactly which order I should place my clips for the maximum impact.”


“I created a short proof of concept for my feature. I showed it to a Producer and not only did he give me fabulous feedback, but he also requested to read the script!”


"I am attempting to make the leap from Camera Operator to Cinematographer. I shot several scenes and I sent the reel to a Director. He was so impressed after our 30-min call that he wants to keep me in mind for future projects.”


Who’s Watching Your Reel?

  • You choose from our roster of agents, managers, producers and filmmakers


Turnaround Time:

  • 14 Days


Were You Looking for Feedback on the Script for Your Short?

You got it! Check out our Short Script Coverage instead.

Not sure which executive is the best choice to read your script and hop on the phone with? Email success@stage32.com anytime with information on your script's genre & a logline/synopsis (if available) for advice.


PLEASE NOTE: By booking an order for coverage or consulting with an executive, you agree to submit your script within 24 hours. Due to the professional commitments of our executives, their availability changes frequently. Failure to submit your script in a timely manner may cause your order to be delayed far beyond the estimated timeframe - or go unfulfilled.

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