Shannon Meilak

Shannon Meilak

Director, Production Designer, Producer and Costume Designer

Melbourne, Australia

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November 2015
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About Shannon

Shannon Meilak is an emerging filmmaker who refuses to see boundaries. Where others see impossibility, Shannon sees opportunity to rise to the challenge. After dealing with an unjust welfare system in Australia, Shannon didn’t rock back and forth in a manner akin to ‘Ken Bruce’, but set out to write and direct her first short film ‘Flatline’; a satirical film about an ordinary man, who becomes zombified by his attempt to apply for welfare at CemeteryLink.

Whilst studying film and television at Swinburne University, Shannon traveled to India where she was mentored by respected Bollywood filmmakers and produced her first short documentary; 'Highlight and Contour' (official selection 'UNO Film Festival' and 'Miami Indie Fest'), a film that looks at gender bias in the Bollywood film industry. She later followed this up with a tour of Italy, where she studied Italian neorealist film.

Shannon is a quirky and candid filmmaker and isn’t afraid to go where others fear to tread. In 2015, she began work on her documentary directorial debut; ‘Beyond the Pointy Hat’ (semi-finalist 'Los Angeles Cinefest', official selection 'InShort Film Festival', 'Rome Independent Prisma Awards' and 'Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival') a uniquely honest and personal look at witchcraft in Australia.

In addition to directing, Shannon’s other real passion is Production Design, she is nothing if not adaptable. Shannon has production designed short films and television shows, including the multi-award winning film ‘The Forgotten Children’.

One thing is abundantly clear; Shannon brings passion and a quirky sense of candour and flair to all of her creative pursuits.


  • Addicted

    Addicted (2018)
    Television by Harpling Productions Production Designer, Costume Designer This comedy mockumentary follows Robert Cooper, a sex addicts guidance counsellor and his unique approach to helping a group of eccentric sex addicts.

  • I Can't Even

    I Can't Even (2017)
    Film Art department

  • Super Stevie

    Super Stevie (2017)
    Film (short) by Brennan Muccillo (Comedy) Production Designer, Costume Designer

  • Mad Max Myths and Facts

    Mad Max Myths and Facts (2017)
    Film by Daniel Peterson Publicity Manager/Social Media Team Mad Max - Myths and Facts is a True Blue Films Documentary about Mad Max 1 set for Release in 2017.

  • The Dark Clouds - Get Out of Jail Free Card

    The Dark Clouds - Get Out of Jail Free Card (2017)
    Video by Richie Lewis Stills & BTS Photographer/Traffic Manager Music Video for Get Out of Jail Free Card by The Dark Clouds.

  • The Forgotten Children

    The Forgotten Children (2016)
    Film (short) by Jason Hooker (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Production Designer, Costume Designer When an orphan girl suddenly disappears from a foster care home in the middle of the night, the owners of the foster home venture out into the nearby woods to search for her, unaware of the impending extraterrestrial threat to their existence.

  • The Thrill

    The Thrill (2016)
    Film (short) by James Plant (Thriller) Production Designer Set in 80’s Melbourne, the film follows Cindy Lee, a cross-dressing sex worker who after killing one of her clients, finds herself fleeing the city with one of her regulars, Brian, both of them prepaing to start afresh and begin a new life together.

  • TS ChitChat

    TS ChitChat (2015)
    Internet by Lilly Chang Director of Photography TsChitChat © is a web interview, blog & production dedicated to all transgender, their family, their partner, their friend & anybody who is trans-friendly...

  • Beyond the Pointy Hat

    Beyond the Pointy Hat (2015)
    Film (short) by Shannon Meilak (Documentary) Director/Producer/Production Designer/Unit Manager Witches are often portrayed a wart faced hags, riding around on broomsticks and adding eye of newt to their bubbling cauldron. But, have you ever met a real witch? Join four everyday Australians as they embark on a journey of truth, joining one very friendly witch and her coven, for a night of magick and ritual.

  • Sangraha

    Sangraha (2015)
    Film (short) by Hudson Sowada (Documentary) 2nd Camera After the destruction of the first Hindi film studio (The Bombay Talkies), the two last remaining connections to the studio approach their heritage with surprising, destructive, ambitious and downright crazy ways.

  • Highlight and Contour

    Highlight and Contour (2015)
    Film (short) by Carla Giurleo (Documentary) Producer/2nd Camera For the past 59 years, a trade union of the Bollywood film industry has enforced a ban that restricted women from working as make-up artists.

  • Flatline

    Flatline (2014)
    Film (short) by Shannon Meilak (Comedy) Director, Writer, Production & Costume Designer Spending a day in CemeteryLink is frustrating for anyone, even more so if you are a zombie who is increasingly getting hungry. The staff at CemeteryLink is unhelpful to say the least and is repeatedly boorish and obnoxious towardsand Sephtis the zombie. However, Sephtis persists in his quest to obtain welfare despite the exacerbating bureaucratic red tape and fighting his desire to eat the woman sitting opposite him.

  • Cooking Through the Ages

    Cooking Through the Ages (2013)
    Television (Reality-TV) Director of Photography Pilot episode of a cooking show for celebrity chef Karl Winsborough.

  • Metaffliction

    Metaffliction (2013)
    Film by Nathan Barillaro Actress Metaflition tells the story of Anton, a student filmmaker who casts himself in the lead role of his movie and subsequently struggles to differentiate between reality and the fictional world he has created.

  • Angry Boys

    Angry Boys (2011)
    Television by Chris Lilley (Comedy) Actress A mockumentary exploring the issues faced by young males in the 21st century - their influences, their pressures, their dreams and ambitions.

  • The Wedding Party

    The Wedding Party (2010)
    Film by Amanda Jane (Comedy and Drama) Actress Steve Thompson, a lovable anti-hero, is the youngest son in the gloriously flawed Thompson family. In a bid to save himself from financial ruin, Steve does the unthinkable and agrees to marry Ana, a Russian woman seeking residency in exchange for a huge sum of cash. Behind closed doors the deal is done, a secret wedding is arranged & in no time life will be back to normal, or so Steve thinks... Until a nosy family friend gets wind of the wedding plans and before sundown the whole Thompson family is gripped by wedding fever. Although Steve's family could use some constructive therapy for their own relationships, they rally together to support Steve in preparation for the world's most farcical wedding. What was once a private registry affair is now a fully-fledged spectacle as Steve's lie takes on a life of it's own, and he is more and more consumed by the fear that he has ruined his chance to be with his true love, Jacqui, forever. Written by Producers

  • I Love You Too

    I Love You Too (2010)
    Film by Daina Reid (Comedy) Actress A commitment-phobe and a New Ager buddy-up to win over the women of their respective dreams.

  • At the End of the Day

    At the End of the Day (2008)
    Film (short) by Amruta Nargundkar (Drama) Actress David is an ambitious photojournalist, a rookie in the cut throat game of opportunism in the news media. He is sent to cover the tragic case of a local politician who accidentally kills his own toddler grandson. At the accident site the media are cashing in on the story from every angle imaginable. Never one to be left out, David finds himself a brilliant photo opportunity - the politician and his own daughter, the mother of the dead toddler, sharing a private moment of grief. The photo could launch David's career, but he makes a moral choice in not exploiting this opportunity, and gains much more than he loses. Written by Amruta Nargundkar


  • Swinburne University of Technology

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