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Stage 32 stands with the WGA and is in full support of the WGA strike. Many members of the Stage 32 team are members of the WGA, DGA, and SAG AFTRA who all are negotiating with the AMPTP. We support all members of those guilds as well.

We have received many questions regarding what you can and cannot do during the strike and how the action impacts you working with Stage 32. Stage 32's Script Services are first and foremost for improving your craft and projects to get them ready for the market and, as such, are in line with the WGA’s Strike Rules. We will not put any members in a position where they could be going against the Guild's Strike Rules and will not be working with representatives from signatory companies.

What is a signatory company? A signatory company or “struck company” is a studio or production company that has signed an agreement with the WGA to hire only union writers and abide by its rules. So, any major studio, broadcast or cable network, streamer, and most production companies owned by a studio fall into this category. Companies that work with studios, networks, streamers, etc. are independent companies and not signatories.

If you would like to check if the person you're meeting with is on the WGA Strike List, you can check that here, and if you want to see if they're at a signatory company, you can check that here.

So what does the strike mean for non-union writers here on Stage 32?

It is not against Guild rules to speak with industry professionals, executives and managers that serve as mentors for the Stage 32 community as you improve and refine your materials or pitch. For those looking for a manager or agent, this process is not impacted at all during the strike.

For Writers' Room members, it means that we promise you will not be submitting to a signatory company with the Open Writing Assignments, and thereby not breaking the strike rules. During the strike we will still be receiving, reviewing and selecting OWA submissions to be submitted to the company or organization who solicited the open writing assignment, but we will be delivering the screenplays to them upon the settling of the strike.

For creatives and writers who participate in career or script consultations or pitch sessions, these are tools to improve your projects and not general meetings or negotiations, so you are in compliance with the WGA strike terms. As it relates to script requests that come through the platform, at the time of the request it will be up to the individual if they would like to share their script with the person who requested it or wait until after the strike concludes. The same goes for meetings requested, it will be up to the individual to take a meeting at the time of the request or wait until after the strike concludes. As a reminder, there will be no mentors from signatory companies on the Stage 32 platform at this time.

For Stage 32 contest winners, we will pausing meetings until after the strike concludes. For Stage 32 Lookbooks we will still be receiving and reviewing submissions but we will be pausing on sending out the Lookbooks until the strike concludes. Rest assured, however, all writers who make our Lookbook will get in front of our entire roster of executives when the strike concludes.

During this time, we are committed to making sure that you get the most from your experience with Stage 32, no matter what the current status is in the entertainment industry, and will continue to inform, support, and guide you to the best of our abilities. Again, we will assure that you are not in violation of the WGA’s strike rules.

This is a time for you to take control! When the strike is over, there will be a need for content, so keep working! Here are some other things you can do during this time on Stage 32:

  • Improve your script and pitch with feedback from professionals
  • Hone your craft through education
  • Connect with fellow creatives from all over the world and build your community!
  • Get involved in lounge discussions about your craft and the business
  • CREATE. No one can stop you from creating or writing on your own and you should always be working to move your projects forward so that you can achieve your goals!

In summary, this is the time to dig in and work twice as hard to get into the best shape possible with feedback, improving your craft, and building your relationships so that you’re making progress on your goals every day. This is not a time to make excuses, this is the time to prepare yourself for the opportunities that will be plentiful once the strike comes to a close!

Team Stage 32