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Eye For Eye Trailer

Eye for Eye, a classic western feature film staring John Savage, who's appeared in 300 films; International beauty, model, and actress Blanca Blanco; and Mon...

Molise Verticale Trailer | Viaggio tra le falesie più belle…

Il Molise è una piccola regione del Centro-Sud Italia con una economia basata prevalentemente sull'agricoltura. Grazie alla sua scarsa industrializzazione, l...

Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale


The Lost Island - Teaser (Short Film)

This video has been shot and edited in 2016. An old project written with passion and having the ambition to bring a new look at the adventure genre, this is why I believe it's time to share this project on Stage 32 as it may finally interest some producers in this community. Even though it represents exactly what is pictured in the script, this one minute video is the nano tip of the iceberg that is this story - an interesting, ground breaking adventure film focused on its characters and putting the audience on the edge of their seats for 30 minutes straight.

Identity (One Man Short Film)

I decided to do a one man short film because it was difficult to get people that claim they were to busy to want to film anything, so instead of making excuses, playing victim, and allowing that to stop me from filming, I got on You Tube and looked up "one man short films" and saw quite a few of them until I came across "The Initiation (One Man Short Film)" by Quincy Kane Morris and thought wow how great of a job he did by himself with no one. Then I looked at his behind the scenes tutorial making of it and said you know what, if he can do it so can I. So I decided to basically use his idea but instead of copying him directly I decided to keep the exact same concept except put my own spin to it. God is great and God Bless!!!!! Written by Quincy Morris Directed and Edited by Jason J. Grant Starring Jason J. Grant Cinematography by Jason J. Grant Original creator Quincy Morris Background Music and Sound effects Background Music: Sound Effects Factory: Fesliyan Studios Background music: Sound Effects: Blink Farm (James P. Mcdough): Mr. Snooze: Accusonus:

Journey of a Graduate Student Adventure Reel

A reel consisting of wildlife and adventures I've experienced while a graduate student studying biology.

Adventure Boyz Movie coming to North America on 21st February

Pre-order Adventure Boyz in the USA and Canada on iTunes at

Break On Through

My first film 1972. Climbing was my passion and I wanted to let America see the new sport. Freeclimbing was just breaking out. Roger Briggs and Duncan Furgeson were two of the top climbers in America. My DP was a never been on rock DP named Len Aitken. We protected him and he did a great job. He also edited this film. Tommy Bolin one of the top guitarists in American Music composed the soundtrack. I sold everything I owned to produce this film and hitch-hiked to NYC and sold it to CBS Sports. It was one of the first climbing TV broadcasts. It was the early 1970's and we believed in climbing as a consciousness endeavor as much as a physical endeavor. It's a bit crude but it captured the moment. It started my career. Tommy's soundtrack is great! He simply played to the projected image ... with his band Energy. This film was certainly one of the influential film in the newly emerging adventure filmmaking genre. Directed and produced by Bob Carmichael

Fall Line-Vimeo Encoding.mp4

1983 Academy Award nomination. Extreme skiing as captured by Bob Carmichael/Greg Lowe in the late 1970's. Steve Shay skier. 16mm adventure film production by Carmichael Productions, Inc.

Potential Series..

VSP is looking into a pre WW2 era streaming series based out of Lunenburg, but centering on the Maritime Coast. If to be.. This would all move into a potential feature. You can see the concept trailer on my profile.

Imagine Kolle 37 (Directed by Michele Meek)

Two girls imagine their way through an adventure playground in Berlin. Screened at IFFBoston, RI International Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, Free Range Film Festival, and others.
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