The Stage 32 Videos: Alessandro Machi

IDA's 2003 Guardian Awards intro

IDA's 2003 Guardian Awards intro. I worked with Bill Dyer and Elliot Katz creating this video in my Studio. I re photographed all of the still images, color corrected all of the video footage as it was being Edited on Betacam Sp.


Mom has a beautiful, buoyant singing voice.


My Mother's joyfulness seemed to increase as she got older, and for me, it was a Joy to be around such enthusiasm.


My Mom and her Cat were Finalists in the Tongal / Iams Cat Food Contest.

Shack Attack+2 - 1-10-08 10_45 PM.mp4

The Indomitable Jacques Hays rises once again to new heights as he channels his inner Shack. Award Winners is located in Northridge, California.

Tom Crews+2 - 1-10-08 11_52 PM.mp4

The Indomitable Jacques Hays Rises Again as Tom "Crews". Award Winners is located in Northridge California.


The Indomitable Jacques Hays as Ahnold, the Terminator. 30 Second Commercial for Award Winners in Northridge California.


My First Student Film way back in the 80's. Shot on Super8mm Kodachrome film, Edited on a Movie Viewer, Reviewed via Super-8mm Projector hundreds of times as I sunk up a reel to reel audio player to sync up each edit. Then when the film was done, I had it blown up to a 16mm Negative so 16mm and Super-8mm Prints could be struck.


Sears Spec Commercial Starring Fortunata Machi for a Tongal Contest.

Ti-Ki-Ti Ti-Ki-Ta-4.mp4

Mom's Dorito's Super Bowl Contest Entry.


My Second Award Winning Season's Greetings Video Message. Available for Licensing.


Multiple Award Winning Season's Greetings Commercials. Available for Licensing.
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