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CALLED UPON - Official Trailer

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Coffee Break Season 5 Episode 9 Filmmaker Shawna Khorasani

Welcome to Season 5 of Coffee Break. This is Episode 9 with filmmaker Shawna Khorasani. Shawna specializes in telling LGBTQ stories especially but she has a great grasp on storytelling and preparing to tell those stories. As evidence by her answers to our 5 questions this season. Hope you enjoy her answers and check out all she is doing out there afterwards. SHAWNA' S LINKS: The Adventures of Serena Berg episode playlist Darren Short Film Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Lover Girl on Facebook: Lover Girl on Instagram: Coffee Break Season 5 Questions: 1. What is the point within your creative process that you decide more times than not a character’s fate? 2. Once you have a character’s fate decided, how often (give us a percentage) would you say that fate has changed? 3. What was the main reason for the change, fans or the actors who love and are playing them convince you, you fall in or out of love with them, the story shifts while editing, or your editor has made you change it because it makes more sense to go the other direction or you worked it out in rehearsal and they shifted the story that way? 4. Tell us about 1 character you came particularly fond of or grew to despise that you flushed out more for your film then originally expected and how with that character you went about giving them the depth you needed to make sure the audience stood up and took notice? 5. Give us a non-spoiler moment in which a character spoke out against your judgment and changed something benign but that ultimately might turn into a big deal?

Roadside Memorial - "Devil's Face"

Roadside Memorial - "Devil's Face" video by: Christina M. Smith CMS Productions

Doug Birnbaum's Reel

Doug Birnbaum's reel with Branded Content Media in San Francisco, CA.


This October, we are premiering our first feature film ELLIOT, a surreal sci-fi social commentary! One Night Only Thursday 10/5. Screening starts at 7pm with cast/crew Q&A after the show! Tickets available here: Synopsis: Set in the dark depths of a strange and mysterious power supply complex, ELLIOT tells the tale of a conflicted humanoid (Elliot) struggling to maintain his reality and understand his true identity. Elliot is thrust into a disconcerting downward spiral of despair in which he is forced to recognize the perils of his own cognition and constructed ideals in a crumbling universe where the lines between fantasy, simulation, and reality are blurred, and the fibers of Elliot’s fragile existence are ruptured. Official website: Genre: Horror, Surreal, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Experimental Hope to see you there!

Some of my first test shots with the DJI Mavic Pro (4k D-Log…

I'm pretty impressed so far with my new toy the DJI Mavic Pro. Its so fun to fly and it shoots some pretty great footage. Sometimes I still wish I had an Ins...
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