The Stage 32 Videos: Art Direction

The Lumber Baron (2019) Official Trailer

I was Art Director for this micro-budget indie film. We're proud of the results!


Based on an old legend about the butterfly‘s struggles to evolve the film is the symbolic metaphor of the human innate drive to survive. -Best Experimental Film, California Women's Film Festival 2018 -Jury Award for Creative Achievement, Arizona International Film Festival, 2018 -The 2018 Advanced Imaging Society Lumiere Award Hollywood -Audience Festival Award Best Animation FEEDBACK Film Festival Toronto 2017 -2017 Lumiere Award-Europe, (EMEA), Best 3D Short Film -Best 3D, 8th Annual New Media Festival, 2017 -Best of Show in the Animation Category, SD&A Conference, 2017 Credits: Directed by Ina Conradi, Mark Chavez Animation Production by CraveFX Music and SFX by IMBA Interactive Tibetan Translation and Voice-over by Tsondue Samphel Acknowledgement ACRF Tier 1 MOE Singapore Country of Production Singapore Total Running time 7:00 Genre Fantasy, Art, CGI, Experimental Stereoscopic 3D

Quantum LOGOS (vision serpent)

Going beyond the limitations of classical logic this film uses images as poetry to represent the quantum world. Using cultural icons (mesoamerican) to create...

AltaTensione - LIVE ACTION

#Altatensione #Reel2020 Flash reel focused on action and drama. 2019-2020. Final quote by Paul Watzlawick "The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions."

Dados Trailer

Art direction on short-film. "Confused and alone, a girl decides to be less controlling leaving her decisions to the fate of the dices."

3D CGI Animation | Laguna Pressure Flo UV Pond Filter

Client: Rolf C. Hagen ( ) Art Direction / Production: Lucid Dream Animation Created this 3D animation infomercial for client to show how their UV pond filter works to help maintain your pond's water. 1) Dirty water enters the filter under pressure and is forced through zero bypass large, rugged foams, efficiently trapping dirt and debris. 2) The water then travels through highly effective bio-rock biological media, which neutralises harmful toxins to keep things healthy for your fish. 3) Finally, the cleaned water flows past an ultraviolet light, destroying algae and removing green water for good! Cheers! Ivan
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