The Stage 32 Videos: Comedian

Dramedy Reel

Drama demo reel for Tara Jean O'Brien

Stand up comedy

Performing for 'Stand Up On The Strand' at The Lighthouse in Kent. Supporting act to Phil Kay.

Comedy Skit by character play by CJ Hightower.

Comedy Works

One of my first few sets a Comedy Works in Denver!

Annie Sway - COMEDY REEL

Annie Sway as a New Age-y influencer in a "Brooklyn 99" style comedy.

stand up comedy

me doing stand up

Carlos Garcia Contreras

Some samples of me!

Rob Picks Up Brooklyn_Ep.1.mp4

Confused, beige, newly-single, stand-up comedian Rob has to pick up his daughter at 8:00. As usual he's running late. But this time it's not just his ex-girlfriend who takes him to task; this time young daughter Brooklyn has some questions of her own!

Showreel Actor- Haqi Ali 2018

Here is my acting - performing show real of some of my work I did as an Actor and a funny guy comic over the last 10 years. I'm based in Birmingham, England but happy to travel any where for the right job.

Peter Prins. Giving Normal People The Light

Peter Prins is a Stand-up Comedian & Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles who wants to give normal people the light, discuss Christopher Columbus and teach you how to Sh*t In A Bag In A Car in L.A.

Mini Demo Reel.mp4

A short variety of films and characters from vigilante, comedian, stalker, reserved friend to confident business woman.

Catherine Povinelli Comedic Acting Reel

Catherine Povinelli is a comedic actress and standup comedian presently residing in Chicago, IL.
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