The Stage 32 Videos: Comedy Characters

Jest Kidding Presents: 'Big Diktator Energy'

Jest Kidding Presents: 'Big Diktator Energy' written and produced by Carlos Garcia and Barak Ziv. Follow Carlos Garcia on Instagram

Dad Jokes: Adele (A Dell)

Dad Jokes are something my family and friends accuse me of saying often. So I decided to start recording and producing these quick audio clips to try and spread some levity to all my networks in this difficult time. Hope they can bring you all a smile.

Drug Dealing 191 with Igor

By Steve Ryan setthief

The Poopsi Chronicles--Short Film

An aging porn star tells her story to anyone who will listen. Her one-woman cable access show is to prove to the world that she has something to "get off her tits!" Starring Stephen Foster Written by Jeff Copeland

Comedy Skit by character play by CJ Hightower.

The "Janitor" Directed by Gregory R.R. Crosby

The "Janitor" Directed by Gregory R.R. Crosby Starring- Artur Lago-V. Produced by Gregory R.R. Crosby and Artur Lago-V. Written by Gregory R.R. Crosby and Artur Lago-V. Choreographed by Artur Lago-V. Enjoy this multi genre comedy that will take you on an intense journey through elevator ride with gangsters, lovers, and action figures of Hollywood! 10 minutes you will never forget. This short concept for a bigger feature that I would like to discuss to co-develop with any of those who have resources, skills, and passion to help bring fun and entraining concept to the audience. Enjoy!

Chiara De Caroli_IN&OUT_Emily

Good morning peeps! It's #monologuethursday! It's #mentalhealthawareness month, and I think it's an opportunity for everyone to take a moment and realize how...

Steve Carrell PSA - Ecoperks

A PSA we produced starring Steve Carrell and other actors to promote helping the environment by going paperless. Guerilla Wanderers Films/Nova Entertainment Group co-production

Mia Weinberger Reel

Comedy videos written by, produced by, and starring Mia Weinberger.

A Few Demands

A wacky prisoner plays hardball with the President

Shipwreck Theater 2018 season ep 01 scene 02

In this clip, the rhyming curse continues as fish tries to make Cthulhu feel better.
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