The Stage 32 Videos: Comedy

Comedy Skit - Road Rage

Comedian Actor IG/SNAP - IceCool_Mike

Scot Cooper - Comedy - Clip

Scot Cooper as a guest star in the BBC series Jamillah and Aladddin


At their father’s funeral, two brothers claiming they ‘wished it had been me’ find themselves shocked when their wish is granted. They argue about who should...


Clip from "Champaign ILL"

Comedy Reel

Comedy/Acting reel for Tara Jean O'Brien


While living in Florida a couple years ago, I enjoyed sitting outside and playing guitar and making up songs. I think the humidity warped my brain AND my guitar.

Alek Angelo - Videobook 2020

Showreel of the actor Alek Angelo. Acting Videobook.

Meet “The Scooter Slayer”

Suzanne Birrell-scene

An excerpt from the TV pilot "Sally and Norma" -A half hour long detective comedy in the vein of “Action Family” from the 90’s with a touch of “Beverly Hillbillies” styled fish out of water. Two seasoned ladies do their best to restore truth, justice, and good old fashion manners and morals while family members and friends scramble to keep them out of trouble. In this except Norma beat up a Thirteen year old boy who tried to take her purse when her grandson arrives.
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