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It's Introduce Yourself Weekend! Every month thousands of creative connections are made on Stage 32 simply by taking the time to introduce yourself. Whether you're a Stage 32 veteran or a new member, click here to go to the Introduce Yourself Lounge and let us know what you're up to!

MICHELLE BERNARD~ Theatrical Reel 2020

ACTOR MICHELLE BERNARD'S Theatrical Reel with Various Footage from: "9-1-1" "The Rookie" "Dads" "Rake" "Dirt" "Easy Silence" "Young Americans" "Ironside" "An...

On the Go with Bibigo Promotional Video

A fun promotional video titled "On the Go" with Bibigo produced as part of Cathlyn's efforts for promoting Korean food and culture in the US. The story is based on the lyrics from Psy's 'Gangnam Style'. A woman who has beauty, style and grace as a CEO of a company during the day and a celebrity DJ by night. Or is she just a housewife who enjoys cooking and dreams of being a superstar? The twist is,...which one is she really?

Coffee Break Season 5 Episode 9 Filmmaker Shawna Khorasani

Welcome to Season 5 of Coffee Break. This is Episode 9 with filmmaker Shawna Khorasani. Shawna specializes in telling LGBTQ stories especially but she has a great grasp on storytelling and preparing to tell those stories. As evidence by her answers to our 5 questions this season. Hope you enjoy her answers and check out all she is doing out there afterwards. SHAWNA' S LINKS: The Adventures of Serena Berg episode playlist Darren Short Film Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Lover Girl on Facebook: Lover Girl on Instagram: Coffee Break Season 5 Questions: 1. What is the point within your creative process that you decide more times than not a character’s fate? 2. Once you have a character’s fate decided, how often (give us a percentage) would you say that fate has changed? 3. What was the main reason for the change, fans or the actors who love and are playing them convince you, you fall in or out of love with them, the story shifts while editing, or your editor has made you change it because it makes more sense to go the other direction or you worked it out in rehearsal and they shifted the story that way? 4. Tell us about 1 character you came particularly fond of or grew to despise that you flushed out more for your film then originally expected and how with that character you went about giving them the depth you needed to make sure the audience stood up and took notice? 5. Give us a non-spoiler moment in which a character spoke out against your judgment and changed something benign but that ultimately might turn into a big deal?

Super Fantasy Rumble | Tactical Skirmish Card Game

This is a spec ad I made for Super Fantasy Rumble created by Passion Project Studios, LLC in Jacksonville, Fl. This is a tactical skirmish card game with puz...

Hardees Kitten commercial 3 takes

C. Stephen Foster is full of it in these 3 commercial spots for Hardees. He wrote the acting workbook "Awakening the Actor Within" To purchase

"La Perla" Commercial

https://NickMosher.TV provides international video production & commercials

Commercial Video - Plattner Auto

Companies using online video generate 30% more sales profit quarterly. If you own a business in Florida & would like to book a campaign with Gulf Living Media please click here:

Joe Vallee Commercial -West Valley Water - Buzz - Hydro Electric Plant

I provide narration for West Valley Water in Palm Desert, California.

It has begun! Virtual Video Productions

Camarena Productions offers professional virtual video production services for product, music, & commercial videos. At Camarena Productions we have been building our pipeline/workflow for over 8 years to be prepared for the future of video production. That future is now! and we are ready to take on any project big or small remotely and safely. Embrace the new era of virtual video production with Camarena Productions. It has begun!

Automotive Voice Over Video Demo.mp4

If any of you in automotive advertising and marketing need remote assistance from a professional with 20 years experience and a full service production studio for producing audio and voicing ads, contact me for heavily discounted rates. I know a lot of you are in a bit of a fiscal slump, so I want to help you get thru this difficult time.
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