The Stage 32 Videos: Courtroom

We're Coming To Get Our Check

. ‘We’re Coming To Get Our Check” is that film. This film is not about a hero, it’s about justice, justice for black America. A justice that is well overdue. Look at is a court scene from Law and Order with America being on trial. Reparation for blacks is a story that has a scary past, a past white America refuse to visit in the courtroom.

Phoenix Goddess Temple As A Church

Mystic Mother Tracy Elise talks about sacred sexuality, tantra and the differences between patriarchal and matriarchal churches. In God-based religions, sex and spirit are separate whereas in Goddess-based religions, sex and spirit are one.

Phoenix Rising: Return to Innocence

Mystic Mother and Elder Medicine Woman Tracy Elise on restoring religious freedom for the Phoenix Goddess Temple (PGT) in Arizona. With the help of the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) and public support we can restore access to these ancient healing ceremonies. The Native American Church was established before Congress in 1918; join us in keeping the treaties.

A Journey Through Temple with Mystic Mother & Elder Medicine…

A look back into the Phoenix Goddess Temple in Arizona. Thank you to all who keep the Dream Alive!


My role as a judge.
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