The Stage 32 Videos: Cycling

Unity Ride 2018 - Exploring Freedom

The Unity Ride is two guys, from different backgrounds, of different ethnicity, whose political beliefs are wildly different ... riding bicycles across the c...

The Unjust & Us - A Love Letter To Your Killer | Documentary…

The Unjust & Us - A Love Letter To Your Killer, Inspired Risk’s first feature-length documentary film. Coming in 2019. After two family members were killed in violent crimes in South Africa, extreme athlete Dr. Andries Botha and his daughter, broadcast journalist Natasha Horrelt teamed up to travel from Cape Town to Cairo. Dr. Botha would bicycle the entire journey. This feature-length documentary will showcase the enduring human spirit. It is a love letter to our family's killers to encourage rehabilitation and to push for long-lasting change. Join us as we find peace in our pain. The Unjust & Us will also profile: - a group of anti-poachers protecting elephants in Malawi struggling to find redemption after serving terms in Iraq and Afghanistan. - albino children hiding in Tanzania because they fear for their lives. Witch doctors have been propogating their systematic slaughter to enforce the belief that the bones of albinos’ harbor good luck. - a woman orphaned as a child who now runs one of Zambia's largest and most prolific child outreach and protection organizations.

Clermont Triathlon Camp Training Ride

AfterEffects project using bike with POV cams to get that "on the road" feeling

Bikelantis - Trailer

Since 2012, Director/Producer Manny Cervantes was working hard on accomplishing one of his dreams, a feature documentary on bicycle culture around the United States. In filming BIKELANTIS, he toured the country for over two years, chronicling his various tours and interviewing cyclists of all stripes to get a perspective on what is advancing cycling in their specific cities. BIKELANTIS is an exploration of bike friendliness and how cycling is changing communities. The documentary explores more than 20 cities and looks at bike shops, bike sharing, advocacy, bike touring and many other topics affecting cyclists nationwide. Lafayette, Indiana is featured as a vibrant, cycling community where biking is evolving and the Hood Ride Bicycle Shop in Phoenix, Arizona is showcased as an example of a fully realized bicycle habitat. BIKELANTIS envisions a bike universe with a strong sense of community that is part of a healthier, creative lifestyle with a global capacity for compassion between neighbors and ultimately, bike friendliness. Shorty after completing principal photography, Emmanuel “Manny” Cervantes, 35, of Lafayette, Indiana, passed away on May 15, 2014. Manny was a creative thinker and an energetic force who made lasting connections with many people in the communities he visited. Being with him typically included riding bikes, taking chances, thoughtful talks about art or bike culture, and some laughs. In filming BIKELANTIS, Manny rode around the country seeking out diversity in cycling experiences and searching for this bike utopia in real life. While Manny is no longer with us, his dream to uncover and redeem Bikelantis lives on. This is BIKELANTIS. #Bikelantis #livelikemanny For more information about the film and Manny, please visit: Join us on Facebook:
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